Huh? RNC Denies Trump’s White House Chaos

Yesterday RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that “There is no chaos in the White House. Let me just tell you. There’s no chaos.”


Seriously, she said that. And McDaniel has become so accustomed to lying, that somehow she was able to say it with a straight face. But, as we await the next White House firing(s), we all know this couldn’t be further from the truth.


Let’s just take a look at some of the recent activity from within the White House:


  • Trump fired his Secretary of State on Twitter;
  • Trump’s NEC director resigned;
  • Trump’s 5th communications director stepped down;
  • Trump’s body man was escorted off the premises;
  • A State Department spokesperson was fired for not lying;
  • A top communications aide left;
  • Several other White House aides have been forced out for security clearance issues;
  • And what seems like Trump’s entire Cabinet and half the White House are on the chopping block.


The flood of departures and imminent firings have left Trump even less capable of providing steady leadership or dealing with the issues that matter to the American people. Remember though, “There is no Chaos, only great Energy!”