HYPOCRISY ALERT: GOP Leaders Tout the American Rescue Plan They Opposed… Again

If it’s a day that ends with a ‘y’, you can find a Republican leader bragging about the American Rescue Plan funding they opposed. This week’s profiles in hypocrisy are Governors Larry Hogan and Kim Reynolds, who seem to have conveniently forgotten they would have voted against the American Rescue Plan, just like every congressional Republican.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has repeatedly touted programs funded by the American Rescue Plan, even though he’s made clear he would have voted against the critical aid. 

Fox Baltimore: “$20 Million for Victim Protection, including $14M in American Rescue Plan Act funds to restore cuts to Victims of Crimes Act.”

WMDT: “Governor Larry Hogan announced on Monday that over $155 million in Child Care Stabilization Grants will be distributed to licensed child care centers and registered family child care providers statewide. […] Child Care Stabilization Grants are part of the $309 million American Rescue Plan Act relief funding for investment in the state’s child care system to ensure that providers are economically stable and that safe, high quality, and affordable child care is available for all families.”

Maryland Matters: “Echoing complaints made by Republicans in Congress, Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) said on Thursday that he ‘probably’ would have voted against the $1.9 trillion American Relief Act.”

And in Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds touted $200 million in funding for broadband grants from the American Rescue Plan, which she previously opposed.Des Moines Register: “Gov. Kim Reynolds uses $200 million in federal COVID recovery funding for broadband grants”

Iowa Starting Line: “Gov. Kim Reynolds and Iowa Republicans rallied against President Joe Biden’s signature COVID relief package, but are now championing a $200 million investment in broadband for the state, which was made possible by the federal American Rescue Plan.”