HYPOCRISY ALERT: Senator Lindsey Graham Is Lying And Ignoring Republicans’ Record On Dark Money

In today’s Supreme Court hearings, Lindsey Graham hurled chaotic, insulting remarks, and hypocritical questions about “dark money” toward nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. 

Senator Graham is reprising the same lies that have been routinely debunked, earning him “four Pinocchios” from the Washington Post:

Washington Post: “Graham’s false claim that Arabella Advisors targeted Judge Childs”

Washington Post: “[Graham] earns Four Pinocchios.”

Graham is also ignoring the fact that conservatives spent tens of millions in dark money to confirm Trump and McConnell’s Supreme Court nominees:

Washington Post: “Hypocrisy watch: ‘Dark money’ groups complain about dark money”

Mother Jones: “The irony of this line of attack is that McConnell has been on a crusade to allow more dark money in politics for decades. His name captions the first Supreme Court case challenging the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance reform legislation, which attempted to rein in the flood of anonymous corporate donations in politics, and he openly supported the 2010 Citizens United decision that ultimately invalidated that landmark legislation.”