Hypocrite Governor Ron DeSantis Let Up To 1 Million COVID Tests Expire

At this point, we can hardly keep up with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ gross incompetence and political partisanship costing people their lives. Time and time again, DeSantis has callously chosen to play political games with COVID, and his constituents are the ones paying the price. 

DeSantis spent yesterday morning on Fox News falsely criticizing the Biden administration’s COVID response. What he failed to mention until a few hours later is that his administration allowed up to one MILLION COVID tests to expire over the final days of December: 

  • Fox News: “‘The Biden administration promised they were going to send all these at-home tests,’ DeSantis said. ‘They said all you had to do is go online and get it, and nothing has happened in a month and a half with doing that.’”
  • Daily Beast: “News of the tests’ expiration came the same day the Florida governor appeared on Fox and Friends to deride Joe Biden’s “failed” coronavirus response and unveil a plan to send a million tests out to Florida senior citizens.”
  • Florida Politics: “Ron DeSantis administration confirms up to 1 million COVID-19 rapid tests expired last month”
  • Sun Sentinel: “DeSantis and Guthrie also revealed that the state has 800,000 to a million other COVID tests that have expired, confirming for the first time an allegation from Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried.”

While he was hypocritically throwing false attacks, DeSantis also found some time to defend the January 6 insurrectionists and downplay the deadly attacks:

  • Politico: “DeSantis slams Jan. 6 commemoration as way to ‘smear’ Trump supporters”
  • The Hill: “DeSantis: Jan. 6 is ‘Christmas’ for mainstream media”
  • Daily Beast: “DeSantis Says Reporters Treat Jan. 6 Like ‘Christmas’ in Unhinged Anniversary Rant”