ICYMI: Across the Country, DNC Billboards Celebrate President Biden Delivering on Infrastructure, Blast Trump’s Failures

Marking the two-year anniversary of President Biden signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the DNC rolled out a new billboard campaign across the country highlighting how the historic legislation is building critical infrastructure in communities across the country and boosting the economy in the process while hammering Donald Trump’s failed promises to deliver on “infrastructure week.”

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The Messenger: Democratic National Committee Launches Billboard Campaign in Swing States Touting Infrastructure Law (Exclusive)

  • The Democratic National Committee is launching a billboard campaign Wednesday in six battleground states highlighting how President Biden delivered an infrastructure package that resulted in the rebuilding of roads and bridges and other projects around the country, sources familiar with the effort tell The Messenger.
  • The billboard campaign will run along highways in the swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia, a Democratic official said.
  • The effort – which comes on the two-year anniversary of Biden signing the $1.2 trillion bill into law – will also rip former President Donald Trump for failing to get an infrastructure package passed when he was in office, despite repeated attempts by his administration.
  • The DNC has been working with the Democratic state parties, elected officials and other stakeholders to organize events in their states at project sites on the ground and virtually.  

Pennsylvania Capital-Star: New billboard in Philadelphia will promote anniversary of Biden administration’s infrastructure law

  • The Democratic National Committee is unveiling a new billboard campaign in Philadelphia today to mark the two-year anniversary of President Joe Biden signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. It’s part of a larger push by Democrats in Pennsylvania and elsewhere to draw attention to the results of the $1.2 trillion bill, a signature piece of the president’s economic policy.
  • The new sign at 1-95 Northbound at Frankford Ave., is one of several in cities in key battleground states, and takes a jab at former President Donald Trump. During the Trump administration, the concept of “infrastructure week” became a running joke, something Trump first promised during his campaign in 2016. Trump’s “infrastructure week” plans were repeatedly canceled or otherwise derailed by the president, to the point that the phrase became “something of a joke and a metaphor for any well-intentioned proposal doomed to go nowhere,” as the New York Times put it.

Up North News: Biden supporters take a victory lap in Milwaukee on 2nd anniversary of a landmark infrastructure bill

  • Drivers inbound to downtown Milwaukee saw a new reminder Wednesday morning about the difference between “talk” and “action” when it comes to the roads and bridges they take to work.
  • At 14 feet high and 48 feet long, the new billboard on I-794 at 6th Street gave commuters a simple message: “While Donald Trump made ‘Infrastructure Week’ a running joke, Joe Biden got infrastructure done for Wisconsin.”
  • The sign from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) commemorates Wednesday’s two-year anniversary of Biden signing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Heartland Signal: On anniversary of infrastructure law, DNC mocks Trump’s ‘infrastructure week’ with new Detroit billboards

  • On the second anniversary of the bipartisan infrastructure law’s signing by President Joe Biden, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is launching a new billboard campaign in Detroit to celebrate while mocking former President Donald Trump’s infamous “infrastructure week” gaffe.
  • The billboard contrast Trump (“While Donald Trump made ‘infrastructure week’ a running joke…”) with Biden (“Joe Biden got infrastructure done for Michigan. Rebuilding our roads, bridges, and more!”)
  • While Biden achieved what is widely considered as one of his biggest political wins as president in his first year in office, Trump’s ‘infrastructure week’ that never came plagued all four years of his presidency. Despite multiple promises to sign major infrastructure funding, he instead used the multiple infrastructure weeks to address any one of his many controversies while in office.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia’s 2024 GOP primary: Trump and 10 others make the March ballot

  • U.S. Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-Ga., will host a virtual news conference to discuss resources coming to Georgia through funding from the bill. The Democratic Party of Georgia will hold a media event at a location in Midtown Atlanta that is home to a recipient of these funds.
  • The Democratic National Party has also paid for a billboard campaign in Atlanta to celebrate the measure as a hallmark of the Biden administration after former President Donald Trump’s efforts to pass an infrastructure bill during his term faltered.
  • “While Donald Trump Trump made ‘infrastructure week’ a running joke … Joe Biden got infrastructure done for Georgia,” the billboards will say.