ICYMI: Chair Perez: “This was a historic, decisive victory”

Today, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez spoke to NPR’s Morning Edition about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ historic victory in the 2020 election.

“This was a historic, decisive victory. And then when you put the broader context, Steve, where were we in 2017, and where are we now? We had 15 governors in 2017. We have 24 now. We didn’t have the House of Representatives. And we have Speaker Pelosi now.”

Listen to Perez on NPR Here

Chair Perez also spoke Monday night to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes about the four years of work and victories Democrats have seen since 2016. Through organizing, investing, and hard work, Democrats have taken back the White House, the House of Representatives, and several governorships, state legislative chambers, and state attorneys general seats.

“Four years agom we had 15 governors, now we have 24. Four years ago, we were in a really, really deep ditch. We didn’t have the presidency, we didn’t have the Senate, we didn’t have the House. We had lost hundreds of seats in statehouses. We were in a ditch. We needed to rebuild our infrastructure and rebuild trust. And that’s exactly what we did. We now have 24 governors as we head into 2021. We have the House of Representatives, what I think is the most influential and impactful speaker in American history. We have flipped hundreds of seats in state legislatures from red to blue. I think it’s eight or ten chambers that have flipped from red to blue over the course of the last four years. State attorneys general, we know how important those are in the world of Trump, and we’re now in the twenties instead of the teens in terms of attorneys general. Same thing with secretaries of state moving forward.”

Watch Perez on MSNBC Here