ICYMI: CNN: Biden turns his focus to governors ahead of midterm elections

CNN: Biden turns his focus to governors ahead of midterm elections
By Kate Sullivan
Feb. 9, 2022

President Joe Biden on Wednesday is turning his focus to making new commitments to elect more Democratic governors, a Biden adviser told CNN, following on his pledge to be deeply involved in this year’s midterm elections.


Biden will provide funding through the Democratic National Committee for communications staff for gubernatorial races in Connecticut, Maryland, Kansas and New Mexico. All these states have Democratic governors up for reelection except Maryland, which is led by Republican Gov. Larry Hogan. The President is also pledging to headline a fundraising event for the Democratic Governors Association and have his signature appear on quarterly email and text messages to supporters.

Much of the focus in midterm election years tends to be on the congressional races and which party will control Congress. But with 36 states electing governors this year, these state-level races could have enormous implications for Americans in their day-to-day lives.


“This investment will help the DGA hold our seven-year record of defending incumbents, protect our three open seats and expand our map in November to build on this progress. Democratic governors are integral to the success of our party and the future of our country, and we look forward to this partnership to ensure we can support them through November and beyond,” DGA Executive Director Noam Lee told CNN.

Lee said: “Democratic governors have been the strongest line of defense for Democratic priorities across the country. Because of our 23 Democratic governors, affordable health care is more accessible, voting rights are stronger, women’s reproductive rights are protected, we are combating climate change and our economy is growing. Democratic governors are moving this country forward at the state and national level.”

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison told CNN, “We need partners in the states that are committed to addressing Covid, creating new jobs, investing in infrastructure, securing voting rights and protecting the climate for generations to come.”

“That’s why we are committed to helping the DGA continue to successfully protect our incumbent governors and make sure we add even more governors to their ranks. We have already made this commitment clear with unprecedented investments last year and plan to keep our foot on the gas with key commitments that will help our governors compete across the board in the upcoming midterm elections,” Harrison continued.

These efforts come as the White House and Democratic leadership make moves to protect their majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Whether Democrats continue to control Congress after 2022 will dictate how much of Biden’s agenda he can get enacted. The DNC says it is spending $20 million in battleground states, voter protection efforts, data and tech infrastructure and state party building.