ICYMI: Democrats in Congress are Working to Roll Back Trump’s Attacks on Immigrants

With a majority in the House of Representatives, Democrats are working to roll back Trump’s harmful policies specifically designed to make life difficult for Muslim immigrants and communities. These efforts are further proof that the best line of defense against Trump’s insidious attacks on immigrants is to elect Democrats. See below:


Democratic members of Congress are working to defund Trump’s attacks on Muslim immigrants and communities.


Roll Call: “‘The Muslim Ban — now in its third iteration, but wrong in any form — is just one of the weapons Donald Trump is using to foment xenophobia and bigotry and drive wedges in our communities. It is simply un-American. We do not create policies based on religion and we do not target people because of who they worship,’ said Rep. Judy Chu, who is leading the House measure. ‘That is bigotry at its worst, and it is part of the reason we have seen an increase in hate crimes and violence since Trump started his campaign,’ Chu said. ‘And that is why Sen. Murphy and I are reintroducing our bill to block any federal funds from going towards the implementation of the Muslim Ban.’”


Meanwhile, Trump’s Travel Ban continues to break up American families by separating U.S. citizens from their spouses and children.


Washington Post: “President Trump’s travel ban — first ordered two years ago last week — has already separated thousands of U.S. citizens from their spouses and minor children. […] New research from the Cato Institute suggests that as of this January, the policy has prevented more than 9,000 family members of U.S. citizens from entering the United States since the Supreme Court allowed the policy to take full effect in December 2017. That number includes more than 5,500 children and just short of 4,000 spouses.”


Trump’s Travel Ban is having far-reaching consequences, including shutting off the pipeline for foreign talent to work in American companies.


Fast Company: “While Trump frames the travel ban as a protective measure for the United States, Ghazaleh’s story illustrates how it’s actually harming the American economy. ‘We now have restrictions on five countries, where talented Muslim programmers and others could be receiving H1B visas and contributing to the American economy,’ says Robert McCaw, director of government affairs at the Council on American-Islamic Relations. ‘You have countless students who can’t finish up at their universities, and new students who might want to come to the United States, but can’t,’ he adds. ‘These are people that could’ve joined the American workforce and further contributed to the economy, and their absence is being felt.’ According to CNBC, at least 57% of workers in Silicon Valley are not born in the U.S., and industries like tech and science, especially, are beginning to worry about the effects of choking off a crucial talent pipeline through the ban.”