ICYMI: DNC Chair Jaime Harrison Calls Out Extreme 2024 MAGA Field For Whitewashing Slavery

While Nikki Haley and the entire 2024 MAGA field continue whitewashing slavery and pushing an extreme anti-freedom agenda, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison hit the airwaves yesterday to remind voters of their shameful efforts to erase our nation’s history and downplay the horrific legacy of slavery. 

Earlier today, the DNC also launched a slate of four billboards in Iowa over the next two days to greet Haley at her events and call out Haley, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and other 2024 MAGA hopefuls for their long anti-history, anti-freedom records. 


Chair Harrison“These are the frontrunners in the Republican Party right now – these MAGA extremists. All of these apples, Jonathan, are rotten – you can pick one of them, but they’re all rotten […] This election is going to be about individuals – Joe Biden, Kamala Harris – who stand up to protect the freedoms of Americans, and individuals like Nikki Haley and Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis who are actively attacking and destroying those freedoms.”


Chair Harrison“Any fifth grader, sixth grader, can answer the question that slavery was the impetus of the Civil War.  […] This is just who Nikki Haley is, and really, it epitomizes what MAGA extremism is all about […] You have a former president, Donald Trump, who is parroting Hitler and talking about ‘poisoning the blood’ of America. You’ve got Ron DeSantis who said that slaves actually benefited personally because of slavery.”

“Nikki Haley and the MAGA extremists are all about going down to the depths of extremism to get any vote that they can in order to get power. These are people who are attacking our fundamental freedoms right now in this country.” 

“The Democratic Party and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to be ready for this contest because we know that this is a contest about hope versus fear, progress versus chaos, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are protecting the freedoms of the American people, where we’re getting constant attacks from the MAGA extremists.”