ICYMI: DNC Chair Jaime Harrison Hits the Airwaves to Blast MAGA Extremism and Celebrate President Biden’s Vision for America

This week, whether they were on the debate stage in Alabama or at a town hall in Iowa, the MAGA extremists running for president continued to spew their unpopular and losing agenda that would rip away Americans’ health care, undermine our democracy, and raise costs for working families. Meanwhile, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison hit the airwaves to share a very different vision for America by outlining President Biden and Vice President Harris’ historic record of delivering for American families.  

See just a few examples below:


Chair Harrison: “We know where the Republicans are, from Nikki Haley to Ron DeSantis, to Donald Trump himself – they all believe that there should be a national abortion ban, they all have a track record of fighting against reproductive freedom for women. And we know where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are. They have been protecting as much as they can with the executive authority that they have –protecting those rights for women, and they’re going to continue to do so.”

On ABC News:

Chair Harrison: “​​We also have just seen that the president’s campaign has committed $25 million in new ads, specifically targeted to the very diverse communities that make up our party. And so that’s the first time we’ve ever seen that type of investment so early on in the campaign. We’re not taking anybody for granted. We’re going to make sure we fight for everybody’s support. And in the end of the day, that contrast between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is going to be the one that people will make, and go to the ballot box. 80 million people voted for Joe Biden in 2020, and we believe that they will come back again in 2024 because they understand that their freedoms are all on the ballot.”

Chair Harrison: “[At] the end of the day, folks need to understand that this is about a contrast. Joe Biden believes that all of America’s people should have the right to live the American dream, whereas Donald Trump wants to do a Muslim ban. He wants to create second class citizens in this country. And that’s not what you’re gonna find in a Democratic administration. We haven’t done it under Joe Biden, and you won’t see it in the next four [years].”

On WAGG Radio: 

Chair Harrison: “There’s a bag of MAGA apples on that [debate] stage, and all of them were rotten. And the biggest rotten one wasn’t there, Donald Trump. And so these folks at the end of the day, excuse my language, they don’t give a damn about the American people. All they care about is power.” 

On SiriusXM Radio:

Chair Harrison: This contrast is so important… Just think about this, in 2020 the Republican Party didn’t even pass a platform… Every party, every four years, comes up with a platform on what are the issues that they believe in, where they stand on those issues. They didn’t even – for the first time in the history of their party, of either party – didn’t pass a platform. And so it doesn’t, it’s not surprising that Donald Trump doesn’t have a plan or Nikki Haley doesn’t have a plan or Ron DeSantis doesn’t have a plan [for health care]. Because their agenda is not about policy that improves the lives of people, it’s about power and garnering that political power in order to benefit their friends and their benefactors. But Joe Biden,Kamala Harris, and Democrats are focused on the American people – how do we make life better for everybody and that’s what you you can look at… this has been one of the most consequential administrations in my lifetime, from the climate change to health care to gun violence – this president has moved the ball forward in order to improve the quality of life for the American people. And there’s still more work to be done… we will not allow Donald Trump to destroy the healthcare of millions of Americans.”