ICYMI: DNC Chair Tom Perez Slams Trump’s Broken Promises, Encourages Nevadans to Make a Plan To Vote

While Donald Trump continued to lie about vote-by-mail and put lives at risk to fuel his own ego at a mostly maskless, indoor rally in Nevada this week, DNC Chair Tom Perez made the rounds on local Nevada television and radio to call out Trump’s broken promises and encourage Nevadans to make a plan to vote. See for yourself:

Politics Now on KLAS-TV: “Nevada is really a model for the nation. This pandemic has certainly changed the nature of how you interact with voters, but over the course of the last six to seven years, the state party — starting with Senator Reid and continuing on — the state party has built a remarkable infrastructure. And we’re proud to work together.”

  • “Vote-by-mail is safe and secure. Donald Trump has been doing it for years … Guess what happens, it increases turnout. I think it’s a wonderful thing that we get more eligible people to vote. Again, NevadaVotesEarly.com is a one-stop shop to learn more about it. You have options.”

  • “We’re proud of the progress we’ve made in recent years, not only to elect Democrats but to have the first majority-female state legislature as we do in Nevada … At the same time, Nevada will continue to be a battleground. We take nothing for granted. We are always mindful that we have to earn people’s votes.”

KUNR: Dem Chair Defends Voting By Mail, Talks Outreach Ahead Of Election. “Vote-by-mail is safe. It’s secure … Democrats believe that we should have a really strong and robust debate about the issues of the moment and then we should make sure that every eligible person can cast their vote and make it as easy as possible for those eligible people to do so. That’s exactly what leadership in Nevada did — making it easier for eligible people to vote.”

  • “We have three different crises, the coronavirus, the economic collapse and the civil rights crisis, and what this president has in common in all three of these crises, he’s made them all worse.”

  • “[Trump] didn’t cause the coronavirus, but his absolutely anemic response has resulted in such needless loss of life and catastrophic loss of jobs … That’s why I have confidence that we can indeed hold our own in every single county across the state and win big.”