ICYMI: Donald Trump’s Social Security Attacks Draw Fire Across The Battlegrounds

Georgia Senior: “When Donald Trump was campaigning in 2016, he said again and again and again that he would not touch Social Security. But guess what? He lied.”

Donald Trump’s attacks on Social Security continue to draw fire in the battleground states. Around the 85th anniversary of the Social Security Act this week, Democrats and seniors advocates across the country held virtual press conferences and published op-eds calling out his threats to Americans’ retirement security and earned benefits. See for yourself:

(FL, GA) CBS News: “Democrats in Florida and Georgia celebrated the 85th anniversary of the Social Security Act being signed into law by hosting virtual events where seniors in both battleground states criticized President Trump for vowing to permanently cut the payroll tax if re-elected … Democratic seniors in Florida and Georgia this morning said that jeopardizing Social Security funds for tens of millions of seniors could be devastating.”

  • “‘I started working in 1964 and you know what, I’m still working because I’m one of those people that … depends on Social Security to exist, to live and social security has kept millions of older women like me out of poverty,’ said Barbara DeVane of the Alliance for Retired Americans. … Gloria Jenkins, chairperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia seniors caucus, said, ‘Millions of seniors in Georgia and across the country rely on Social Security every day … When Donald Trump was campaigning in 2016, he said again and again and again that he would not touch Social Security. But guess what? He lied.’”

(FL) Palm Beach Post: In Florida, where Social Security is vital, Democrats blast Trump payroll tax pledge. “Florida Democrats immediately seized on the potential ramification of the pledge, which would deprive Social Security of its main funding source. ‘Amid yesterday’s train wreck of neglect, Trump still manages to needlessly imperil seniors’ Social Security and Medicare benefits,’ said U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, in a statement.”

(ME) Virtual Roundtable on Trump’s Attacks on Social Security on the 85th Anniversary of Social Security. “Rep. Jessica Fay: ‘Maine is the oldest state in the country, and Social Security is a program that helps keep older Mainers out of poverty … About a third of the people over 65 in Maine live on Social Security alone … I am really pleased to know that Joe knows this, and that’s why his plan actually increases benefits for older Americans who have been left behind, like low wage workers, widows and widowers, and those at risk of outliving their assets.’”

(MN) Bring Me the News: “Meanwhile, on Friday afternoon, Minnesota DFL leaders, including U.S. Rep. Angie Craig, state Rep. Jennifer Schultz and state Sen. Kent Eken, will hold a press call after Trump’s threats to Social Security, which have included eliminating the tax that funds Social Security and Medicare.”

(NV) Nevada Today: Retiree David Tipton: Donald Trump vs. Social Security. “At a time when older Americans are already on the brink as a result of his failed pandemic response, Trump is threatening to take an axe to the sources of funding for this critical lifeline … It’s disgraceful, but it’s not surprising. As a candidate in 2016 and as president, Trump pledged to seniors that he would defend Social Security. But time and again, he has broken that promise.”

(NH) Union Leader: Former Gov. John Lynch: We need a president who strengthens Social Security. “There are not many promises Granite Staters have made with Washington more sacred than Social Security: they have been working hard and paying into it for decades with the promise that the money will be there for them when they retire.We now know, however, that President Trump simply does not care about keeping that promise to New Hampshire — he has made this abundantly clear.”

(NH) Portsmouth Herald: State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark: We need a president who will defend Social Security. “In the middle of an unprecedented pandemic that has upended the lives of millions of Americans, the President of the United States is working to dismantle the very foundation of our nation’s retirement system. Just a few days ago, Donald Trump signed an Executive Order that would suspend payroll tax cuts and effectively end funding for both Social Security and Medicare.”

(NH) Manchester Ink Link: NHDP Senior Caucus Co-Chair Pam Jorgenson: We are faced with a fight to protect Social Security on the program’s anniversary. “Joe Biden and his Democratic allies will keep their promise to keep Social Security solvent and protect our benefits. He’ll prevent cuts of any kind to retirees and work to put the program on a stronger footing.  Meanwhile, Trump and Republicans are forcing our seniors out into the cold because they believe tax breaks for big business matter more.”

(NC) Democrats Hammer Trump Over His Attack on Social Security. “NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin was joined by former State Representative and Congressional candidate Deborah Ross and Jocelyn Bryant, Vice President of the NC Alliance of Retired Americans. The trio blasted Trump for his recent comments pledging to eliminate the payroll tax that funds Social Security if he wins a second term.”

(OH) Medium: Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans President Norman Wernet: 85 Years of Retirement Security At Risk. “If he’s re-elected, Trump has pledged to permanently eliminate — ‘terminate,’ in his words — the source of funding for Social Security and Medicare. For the nearly 2.4 million Ohioans who rely on Social Security, the stakes couldn’t be higher this November. After 85 years, this could be the end for Social Security.”

(PA) Wilkes Barre Times-Leader: Cartwright: Virtual conference focuses on importance of Social Security. “On the 85th anniversary of Social Security, U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright participated in a virtual press conference to highlight the vital importance of earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare. The group also discussed the threat the Trump Administration poses to ‘these life-saving benefits,’ including Trump’s recent executive order eliminating funding for them. Joining Cartwright, D-Moosic, were Democratic Senior Caucus Chair Brad Kirsch, U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle (PA-18), and Brendan Boyle (PA-2), and Alliance for Retired Americans Regional Board Member Jody Weinreich.”

(PA) WJAC: “The group also discussed the threat they say the current administration in Washington poses to life saving benefits, including the president’s recent executive order slashing their funding. ‘Despite the lifesaving benefits to seniors in the commonwealth and around the country, Washington Republicans led by Donald Trump remain intent on gutting Social Security and other key safety nets like Medicare and Medicaid. This isn’t surprising because Washington Republicans have always put their corporate donors and wealthy special interests first,’ said Brad Kirsh, Pennsylvania Democrats Senior Caucus Chair.”

(WI) CBS5: Senior Wisconsinites Speak out About Cuts to Social Security. “The only way I’m able to afford my medication and treatments are with Medicare and Social Security. I have decent financial stability because of these programs.”