ICYMI: In Sunshine State Swing, DNC Chair Tom Perez Encourages Floridians to Make a Plan to Vote

This week, DNC Chair Tom Perez traveled to Miami, West Palm Beach and Orlando to call out Donald Trump’s broken promises and encourage voters to make their voices heard in this election. During his visit, Chair Perez met with local Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban leaders, and hosted a slate of voter mobilization events urging Floridians to make a plan to vote for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot. See coverage of his trip below.

In Miami: 

Miami Herald: DNC Chair Tom Perez campaigns for Latino vote in South Florida. “Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez visited Miami-Dade County on Wednesday to attend multiple community events encouraging voters, especially Hispanic voters, to cast their ballot for former Vice President Joe Biden in the November presidential election. Just under three weeks away from Election Day, Perez was in Miami-Dade encouraging and reminding voters of the importance of the Latino vote through events with Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban community leaders.”

Radio Television Marti: Líder del Partido Demócrata se reune con líderes comunitarios en Miami-Dade. “El presidente del Comité Nacional del Partido Demócrata (DNC), Tom Pérez estuvo en Miami este miércoles, donde mantuvo una serie de encuentros con partidarios de la campaña presidencial del vicepresidente Joe Biden y la senadora Kamala Harris en el condado Miami-Dade. Durante la mañana Tom Pérez se reunió con miembros del sindicato SEIU, que une a los trabajadores activos y jubilados, de la salud, empleados públicos y trabajadores de escuelas públicas, colegios comunitarios, gobiernos municipales y del condado, centros comerciales, aeropuertos y universidades de Florida.”

In West Palm Beach:

The Palm Beach Post: DNC chief Tom Perez hands out signs, urges voters in Palm Beach County. “The head of the national Democratic Party made a campaign stop in West Palm Beach Thursday to encourage voters to cast ballots and personally treat the party faithful to Biden-Harris yard signs. ‘I see so much energy out here in Florida. 1.8 million people — something like that — have returned their ballots,’ said Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee. ‘Democrats have a 400,000 vote advantage. Folks, 19 days left, get out there and vote, that’s what you gotta do.’”

Florida Daily Post: DNC Chairman visits Hispanic-owned small business in West Palm Beach. “Tom Perez, Chair of the Democratic National Committee, visited The Box Gallery on Thursday for a conversation with local activists about healthcare issues affecting the Hispanic and gay community in West Palm Beach. His visit also fueled engagement with members of the community around the Affordable Care Act, COVID-19, and Joe Biden’s plan to tackle the pandemic.”

WPBF-TV: “The head of the National Democratic Party made a campaign stop in West Palm Beach today, Tom Perez, attending two events, the first was a health care roundtable with local leaders to discuss COVID and its impact here locally. The second event was held at a campaign office where Perez met with volunteers and supporters. ‘Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to bring this nation together. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They’re sick and tired of seeing the divisiveness in Washington.’”

In Orlando:

WESH-TV: Fight for Florida’s Latino vote continues. “Tom Perez, the chair of the Democratic National Committee stopped by La Lechonera El Barrio in Orlando for food and then listened to a long list of complaints of people who want change. Voters there told him they’re worried about coronavirus, health care, and unemployment. ‘Latino voters, Puerto Ricans here in the Orlando-area, they know that Donald Trump has had a knife in their backs, and that Joe Biden will have their backs,’ Perez said.”

WOFL-TV: “The head of the Democratic party in town talking about the crucial role central Florida will play in this election. DNC Chair Tom Perez, urging people to vote early.”