ICYMI: In Western Swing, DNC Chair Tom Perez Encourages Arizonans and Nevadans to Make a Plan to Vote

This week, DNC Chair Tom Perez traveled to Arizona and Nevada to call out Donald Trump’s broken promises and encourage voters to make their voices heard this fall. During his trip, Chair Perez hosted a slate of voter mobilization events, urging Arizonans and Nevadans to make a plan to vote for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot. See coverage of his trip below.

In Arizona:

Arizona Republic: With voting underway, DNC Chair Tom Perez optimistic about Arizona. “‘Donald Trump’s failures have cost people’s lives, it’s cost them their jobs,’ [Perez] said … ‘The failures of this president are on full display right here in Arizona. People know it and they’re fired up to come out and vote. I think there’s going to be record turnout here in Arizona.’”

Univision Arizona: “Tenemos que subir el salario mínimo y aumentar los impuestos a los millonarios”: “En su visita a Phoenix, el presidente del Comité Demócrata, Tom Pérez, habló sobre las campañas y destacó las acciones que podría implementar Joe Biden de llegar a la presidencia.”

Telemundo Arizona: “Biden tiene respecto para nuestra comunidad. Él va a trabajar 24/7 para mejorar nuestra vida. Donald Trump fundamentalmente no tiene respeto para nuestra comunidad.”

KVOA: “Twenty four days until the most important election of our lifetime. And the first visit from the Vice President and Senator Harris together post-convention was here in Arizona, because we know how important Arizona is. The road of the White House, the road to the Senate majority, goes through the great state of Arizona.”

In Nevada:

Las Vegas Review-Journal: DNC chairman urges Nevada Democrats to vote early. “Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, visited Las Vegas Tuesday to encourage voters across the valley to drop off their mail ballots and vote early. ‘Our focus is on getting the vote out, you got incredible energy out there in Nevada,’ Perez said Tuesday. ‘People often refer to Election Day as November 3rd, but Election Day is every day between now and November 3rd for people here in Nevada.’”

Las Vegas Sun: Susie Lee, DNC chair lead ballot drop-off parade in Henderson. “Perez stressed the need for Nevadans to participate in early voting, which begins Saturday … ‘I have confidence that we can pull this off because everybody is suffering from the same crisis and they see in Donald Trump a colossal failure on the coronavirus front, a failure on the economy … People understand that when you have a global pandemic, you can’t have 50 different solutions to that pandemic — you need federal leadership,’ Perez said.”

KSNV: DNC chair Tom Perez talks mail-in, early voting during events across Las Vegas valley. “Perez urged voters to get out early and vote via mail-in ballots or through early in-person voting, which starts in Nevada on October 17th. Perez said Nevada will be a key state in deciding the next president. With mail-in ballots, Perez said the option will help many voters concerned about COVID-19, and he said the ease of mail-in voting scares Republicans. ‘Donald Trump doesn’t want to vote by mail because it increases turnout. The evidence is overwhelming. Vote by mail is safe and its secure period,’ the DNC chair said.”

KRNV: “People here in Nevada can handle the truth. But [Trump] didn’t give them the truth. And here we are suffering needlessly because of his failures. Two hundred thousand deaths across the country. Look at the unemployment rate here. We can’t fix the economy until we fix the coronavirus and this president doesn’t understand this.”