ICYMI: Kristi Noem Runs From Voters Over Her Extreme Anti-Choice Record

Kristi Noem’s unpopular, anti-choice agenda is so extreme that she’d rather run away from voters than defend it.

Moments after arriving at a campaign stop this week, Kristi Noem ran away from South Dakota voters who confronted her over her support of the state’s near-total abortion ban.

The Daily Beast: “Within minutes of touching down for an appearance at a virtual golf facility in Sioux Falls, the top Republican in the state bailed upon being pressed by the women on their personal abortion stories—and the dangerous new reality after Roe v. Wade.”

South Dakota Standard: “Campbell said she wanted to press the governor on abortion rights. ‘I said, “I think women should make their own medical decisions and I’m sorry that you don’t also,”‘ she said. ‘And then she kind of looked at me, gave me a nasty little look. I said, “If you don’t think I should make my own medical decisions, you don’t respect me as a human being.” And that’s when she really took off.”

The confrontation comes after Noem said that in her “perfect world” abortion wouldn’t exist in South Dakota, and has gone so far as to defend a law that would force a ten-year-old rape victim to give birth.

CNN: “South Dakota governor defends state’s abortion ‘trigger’ ban when asked if 10-year-old should be forced to give birth”

CBS: “Noem defends no exception for rape, incest in South Dakota trigger law”

Kristi Noem: “I think that in my perfect world, South Dakota would no longer have any abortions.”

It’s no wonder Noem is trying to avoid her constituents: Polling shows her extreme anti-choice agenda is unpopular and out of touch with a majority of voters in her state.

South Dakota News Watch: “More than three-fourths (76%) of those polled support allowing legal abortion in cases of rape and incest, an exception not currently allowed under South Dakota’s laws”