ICYMI: New DNC Ad Blasts Trump for Putting Americans at Risk

The DNC War Room today launched a new television ad, “Connect the Dots,” blasting Trump for ignoring the advice of medical experts and holding a political stunt in Wisconsin that will put people at risk of infection. The ad will air on cable in the Green Bay, WI and Washington, D.C. markets.

MSNBC: Morning Joe Interview with DNC Chair Tom Perez

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: President Trump is scheduled to visit Wisconsin later today and ahead of that trip, the DNC is out with a new television ad entitled “Connect the Dots,” which calls out the president for ignoring the advice of medical experts and holding what it calls a “political stunt” that put people at risk of coronavirus infection. Here’s a first look at the ad.

“CONNECT THE DOTS”: “Connect the dots.” That’s what the Tulsa Health Department Director said weeks after Trump held a rally in their city. A rally that “likely contributed” to record high COVID-19 numbers in Tulsa. For months, Trump’s downplayed the virus, “It’s going to disappear,” that has infected millions and killed 170,000. Now Trump is coming to Wisconsin, for a political stunt that puts you at risk. Just connect the dots. “I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.”


BRZEZINSKI: The dots are not that difficult to connect. This is something we’ve been talking about for weeks and months now. That Tulsa rally, I don’t know how people decided to defy science and squish next to each other for hours, and I think it is fair to say that the virus could very easily have been spread there. Is the focus of the Biden campaign and of Democrats, who are fighting for Biden to win, going to be that President Trump endangered the lives of the American people?

TOM PEREZ: Our focus is going to be on the fact that he’s been chronically incompetent and as a result of his incompetence, Mika, we’ve had the loss of lives that has been just unbelievable. We have 4% of the world’s population, 25% almost of the coronavirus cases, going on 170,000 deaths. This is preventable. And this is why we need leadership that is competent — that is Joe Biden. And that’s what we’ll be talking about all of this week. Our goal here is to unite, not just the Democratic Party which we’ve made great progress in, it’s to unite America. And it’s to demonstrate this week through all of our speakers, culminating with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, that we need leadership that can build back a better America. Leadership that understands that science matters. Leadership that understands that you don’t travel and put people in harm’s way to massage your ego.

NBC News: Meet the Press: First Read: AD WATCH from Ben Kamisar

As both campaigns embark on dramatically different strategies regarding in-person events, the DNC and Biden campaign are out with a brutal new ad that argues Trump’s in-person events are putting Americans “at risk.”

The spot echoes words of a Tulsa public health official saying people could “connect the dots” between Trump’s June rally there and the subsequent spike in COVID-19 cases in the city (the Trump campaign defended the decision at the time by noting guests were provided a mask and temperature-checked). Then it warns that “now, Trump is coming to Wisconsin for a political stunt that puts you at risk.”

The ad just started running this morning, first in Washington D.C. according to the ad trackers ad Advertising Analytics. So it’s not clear yet how widely it will run. But that one political party can run an attack ad based off of the other’s decision to hold in-person events is yet another sign of how COVID-19 has flipped political campaigning on its head.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Democrats launch ad calling Trump’s Wisconsin visit a health risk as president puts up ‘Where’s Joe?’ billboards

Democrats launched a cable TV ad Monday calling President Donald Trump’s visit to Wisconsin a political stunt that’s putting human lives at risk.


The ad by the Democratic National Convention starts by discussing Trump’s June rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma — and the spike in coronavirus cases in that city in the weeks afterward.

“Now Trump is coming to Wisconsin for a political stunt that puts you at risk,” the narrator says in the ad.

It closes with a photo of Biden and running mate Kamala Harris wearing face masks.

The ad is running on cable in the Green Bay market, which includes Oshkosh. It’s also running in Washington, D.C.