ICYMI: Refinery29:

By Ashley Alese Edwards


April 4, 2018


Another Maine Republican has taunted one of the teens who survived the school shooting in Parkland, FL — this time, the mayor of Waterville, Nick Isgro, is going after David Hogg.


On Wednesday, Isgro quote tweeted an article about Fox News' president supporting host Laura Ingraham amid several of her major advertisers dropping her after she mocked Hogg for getting rejected from colleges.


“Eat it, Hogg,” Isgro said in the since-deleted tweet. Isgro previously tweeted support for Ingraham, writing, “If you believe in attacking people’s livelihood because you don’t like their words, you don’t believe in a free society. You believe in a totalitarian marxist system of one party enforced beliefs. It also means you know your own message can’t stand up under scrutiny.”


This isn't the first time a Maine GOP politician has mocked one of the teen activists on social media. In March, Republican Leslie Gibson, who was running uncontested for the state's House, called Emma González a “skinhead lesbian” and said she wasn't a “real survivor.” Gibson later dropped out of the race after a woman, Eryn Gilchrist, stepped in to challenge him.


Isgro has not yet commented on his tweet, but Democrats in his state have been quick to call him out. “Barring the unlikely event that this tweet was somehow manufactured, Nick Isgro should be ashamed of his comment. Simply put, it is not representative of the people of Waterville,” Chairman of the Maine Democratic Party Phil Bartlett said in a statement to Refinery29.


“It’s completely fine to disagree with someone, but to verbally attack a student who has survived the unimaginable is beyond the pale. Isgro’s remarks reveal a dark strain of ideology within the Maine Republican Party — one that is not shared by the vast majority of Maine Republicans, but one that seems to have found a home within the party nonetheless,” the statement continued.


Elizabeth Renda, women's media director and regional press secretary for the DNC, echoed Bartlett's sentiment. “Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro is now the second Maine Republican to attack a Parkland survivor. A sitting elected official attacking a teenager who just survived a mass shooting is unconscionable, and the Maine Republican Party’s refusal to condemn his heinous comments is a disgrace,” Renda told Refinery29. “The Maine GOP should stand up for the state’s values and immediately rebuke Isgro’s hateful words.”


When asked for comment on Isgro's tweet by a local Maine news outlet, Jason Savage, the executive director of the Maine Republicans, declined to comment.


Refinery29 has reached out to Nick Isgro for comment and will update this story when we hear back.