ICYMI: The Great Battlefield

The Great Battlefield: Modernizing Technology and Security at the DNC with CTO Raffi Krikorian


“The holy grail of what we are trying to achieve is: How do we better understand voters across the U.S. so we can have long-term engaged conversations with them?” said DNC CTO Raffi Krikorian, “I want to go talk to voters about issues they care about on platforms and medias that they’re using at the time of day that’s convenient to them. It’s a long play we are trying to execute.”




On The Great Battlefield Podcast, DNC Chief Technology Officer Raffi Krikorian sits down for an in-depth conversation with Nate Pearlman. Raffi talks about his upbringing in New York and his time at Twitter and Uber. He also talks about his journey to the DNC and his motivation to jump into politics. Raffi also goes in depth into the many tasks that he and the DNC Tech team are undertaking to provide Democrats with the tools they need to compete and win in every ZIP code around the country in 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond.