ICYMI: Washington Post: “Democrats Head Home With A Clearer Message for Voters”


Over the weekend, the Washington Post’s Paul Kane highlighted Democrats’ clear and unified message as members of Congress head home to their states and districts for August recess.

The bottom line? With their success rebuilding the economy as a proofpoint, Democrats are making sure voters know that they delivered middle-class tax cuts; an infrastructure plan to create jobs; and lower health care costs.

In case you missed it… 

Washington Post: Democrats head home with a clearer message for voters as they try to avoid a repeat of the 2010 midterm disaster
By Paul Kane

Twelve years ago, Democrats headed home for August with a pocket-size card in their hands to help sell to economically distressed voters the legislation that became Obamacare.

Like so many Democratic proposals of the past, the lettering had to be shrunk to a small font to cram 12 different ideas onto the front of the card. It went terribly.

This August, Democrats are returning home with a much more focused message. On Tuesday, three Democratic political committees unveiled a plan for how to sell President Biden’s agenda to their constituents, with just three bullet points: middle-class tax cuts; an infrastructure plan to create jobs; and lower health-care costs.


The economic focus comes after Friday’s employment report showed nearly 950,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate falling to 5.4 percent, the lowest since the coronavirus pandemic crushed the economy in early 2020.


“Every Republican voted against these tax cuts for American families,” the Democratic campaign committees wrote in their recess memo.