In Fox Interview, Trump Shows More Disrespect To Our Veterans

On Fox News Sunday, Trump tried to defend his decision not to visit Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day. Instead, Trump ended up showing even more disrespect to our nation’s veterans.


Trump attacked a Navy SEAL veteran and inaccurately criticized him for not catching Osama bin Laden sooner.


NBC News: “Trump blasts retired Navy SEAL critical of him, suggesting he should’ve caught bin Laden sooner”


Trump said he could not attend the Arlington Cemetery ceremony on Veterans Day because he was “extremely busy.”


Vox: “Trump skipped Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day because he was ‘extremely busy’”


Trump said he hasn’t visited troops in combat zones because of his “unbelievable busy schedule.”


Trump: “I’ve had an unbelievable busy schedule…”


Trump has has found plenty of time, however, to golf, fundraise, and boost his bottom line.


  • Trump has had time to visit his golf clubs on nearly 160 days of his presidency.


  • Trump has had time to visit his own properties 210 times as president.



  • Trump has had time to hold 53 campaign-style rallies since becoming president.


  • Trump had time to headline dozens of fundraisers, and was the first president in decades to raise money for his own re-election during his first two years in office.


  • Trump continues to profit off the presidency, and his properties received $3.2 million during the midterms alone.