In New DNC Radio Ad, Award-Winning Actor Jeffrey Wright Asks Voters to Make History Again

WASHINGTON – The Democratic National Committee today released a new radio ad featuring award-winning actor Jeffrey Wright.  The ad is part of the seven figure paid advertising blitz the DNC launched several weeks ago targeting communities of color.  In “Our Story,” Wright reminds voters of the historic choices that we’ve made by electing and re-electing President Obama, and urges African Americans to make history again by supporting Democratic candidates who will build on his progress.

“This powerful new radio ad reminds voters that it’s on all of us to protect the tremendous progress we’ve made under President Obama’s leadership. Our nation is stronger together when we stand united in the fight for an inclusive economy, access to affordable health care, and a quality education for every child. The choices this election could not be any clearer.  Donald Trump not only promised to dismantle all of President Obama’s accomplishments, but he has continued to spread the racist birther lie, compared our communities to “war zones” and took the Alt-Right movement mainstream. We’re not taking anything for granted this election, and we’re working harder than ever to elect Democrats from the courthouse to the White House,” DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile said.

Listen to the radio ad here.

The DNC contracted Burrell Communications Group, an African-American owned communications firm, to produce “Our Story” and purchase the airtime for the advertisements. The ad is running in key media markets across the country.