In Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Warren, DNC Chair Tom Perez Slam Trump for Broken Promises on China Trade Policy

Tom Perez: “China smelled Trump’s desperation and played him like a fiddle”

As the nation continues to grapple with historic unemployment numbers and the ramifications of Trump’s failure to stand up to China on trade and the coronavirus, Senator Elizabeth Warren joined DNC Chair Tom Perez and Pennsylvania Democrats to slam Trump for his broken promises to Pennsylvania workers, farmers, and families.

The event was part of the DNC’s push to spotlight Donald Trump’s broken promises on trade, and how his failure to stand up to China has cost jobs and hurt working families. It also coincided with the release of the DNC’s new Pennsylvania-specific TV advertisement in the Pittsburgh media market focused on Trump’s failed trade policies with China. See more below:

CBS 21 Harrisburg: Elizabeth Warren: “As we face these crises, one thing is certain: Donald Trump is unprepared and incapable of leading this country through crises.”

Tom Perez on Harrisburg’s CBS 21: “You now have an administration that left small businesses behind…That’s the difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Joe Biden is looking out for everyday Americans.”

International Trade Today: “The Democratic National Committee chairman, and progressive star Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., described President Donald Trump’s trade war with China as a failed attempt at getting tough on China that hurt Pennsylvania exporters and manufacturers.”

Pittsburgh City Paper: “The ad calls out Trump for claiming that he would ‘get tough on China’ but notes that instead ‘he got played,’ while using images of Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. It cites a 2018 PennLive report that interviews several Pennsylvania farmers that have decried Trump’s tariffs and how they have hurt their industry, including soybean farmers.”

CBS News: “The DNC Wednesday will also be releasing a Pennsylvania-specific version of the ad which will highlight the impact of the president’s trade policies on workers and farmers in the battleground state. It’s part of a new push to highlight the President’s record on trade and China nationally and in key states. The DNC says the ad will run in Pittsburgh as part of their six-figure campaign over five weeks to hold Mr. Trump accountable.”