In Review: Republicans should face the facts on Graham-Cassidy and stop this push

Despite a majority of Americans opposing their efforts, Senate Republicans today charged forward on their latest attempt to repeal healthcare. This secretive, partisan bill is the worst repeal yet, and if you had any doubt, just read today’s updates:

  1. Confirmed – millions would lose coverage: The CBO released a preliminary score of Graham-Cassidy this evening that found that the proposal would result in “millions” of people losing coverage. 
  2. Republicans refuse to go through regular order: This process is so rushed that Republicans still want to proceed with a vote even though the CBO hasn’t had time to assess just how many millions of people would be uninsured or how much their costs would go up.
  3. Most Americans say no: A majority of Americans oppose the Republicans’ efforts.  Following the release of the CBO score, Sen. Collins announced that she would not support Graham-Cassidy.  Still, McConnell has yet to call off plans to bring the bill to the floor this week.
  4. The bill absolutely guts protections for pre-existing conditionsGraham-Cassidy was updated over the weekend to buy off wavering Senators.  Now, the bill would make it even easier for states to allow insurers to charge higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions and older consumers, all without needing a waiver from HHS.  It would also allow states to lift existing caps on out-of-pocket costs.
  5. Our economy would lose 580,000 jobs: S&P Global Ratings released a report finding that Graham-Cassidy would cost about 580,000 jobs by 2027 and limit GDP growth to about 2% a year over the next decade.