In Texas, Democrats Slammed Trump on Failure to Address Racial Economic Disparities & Spiking Coronavirus Cases

Yesterday, while Donald Trump visited Dallas, Texas Democrats called him out for his failure to address the current struggles of the African American community as they’ve dealt with an uptick of new coronavirus cases and deaths, as well as a terrible unemployment rate.

See for yourself:

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: In Texas, President Trump talks reform and says ‘we have to dominate the street’

“Texas Democrats hosted a conference call before the president’s visit, where U.S. Reps. Marc Veasey of Fort Worth and Eddie Bernice Johnson of Dallas, along with Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa, said the president has failed in leading Texas and the country at a time of ‘social unrest, economic calamity and a pandemic that shows no signs of receding.’”

WFAA: Dallas’s top law enforcement agents not invited to talk policing with President Trump

“Texas Democrats were quick to criticize.

“‘No one can watch the video footage of what police did to George Floyd without being horrified to a call to action,’ said U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey, D-Fort Worth.

“‘And yet Trump has no real plan to end police brutality or address racial inequality. His administration won’t even admit that systematic racism exists within law enforcement.’”

Dallas Morning News: At Dallas talk on police and race, Trump shrugs off ‘bad apples’ and again vows to ‘dominate the streets’

“Democrats said Trump has little credibility on police brutality and racial strife, denying that systematic racism even exists in law enforcement. ‘This man is an agitator that purposely stokes the flames with every moment that he has,’ said Rep. Marc Veasey, whose district includes parts of Dallas. ‘Trump even incited violence by threatening to have protesters shot and attacked by vicious dogs and ominous weapons and pushed for violent crackdowns, and essentially authorized a police state.’”