In The Battlegrounds: As Biden Unveils Caregiving Plan, Democrats Slam Trump’s Broken Promises

Today, as Joe Biden unveiled his plan to build a robust 21st century caregiving and education workforce, Democrats across the battleground states slammed Donald Trump’s broken promises to seniors, working parents, and caregivers. See for yourself:

In Arizona:

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick: “Donald Trump promised to take ‘unprecedented steps’ to protect older Americans from the coronavirus, but in reality, he has done the opposite. Trump’s disastrous pandemic response left older Americans to fend for themselves and now, Arizona’s seniors are paying the price. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to hit seniors hard, Trump has utterly failed to prioritize quick testing and necessary protective gear for health care workers who are on the frontlines of fighting this deadly virus. Now more than ever, Arizonans need a leader in the White House who will fight to protect our seniors and provide affordable, quality long-term care for older Americans — and that leader is Joe Biden.”

In Florida:

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo: “Trump never delivered on his promises to address child care costs, is recklessly demanding schools reopen amidst the raging coronavirus pandemic, and has utterly failed to deliver the PPE and testing nursing homes needed to keep their staff and residents safe. Enough is enough. Floridians deserve a leader capable of following through on his promises and prioritizing our caregivers — that leader is Joe Biden.”

In Georgia: 

Gloria Jenkins, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia Seniors Caucus: “He has continuously downplayed the threat of coronavirus and proposed cuts to Medicare and Social Security even after vowing to protect them. We deserve better, and Trump’s broken promises to older Georgians are going to hurt him at the ballot box. We deserve a president who respects and fights for those who have spent their lives building our country and raising our families.”

In Michigan: 

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes: “Biden’s commitment to making caregiving more accessible and affordable stands in stark contrast to Donald Trump, who has failed to bring progress on paid family leave, cheaper child care, or support for elder care. Trump has worked tirelessly to slash Medicaid funding and threatened long term care for seniors, rolled back paid sick leave provisions for medical workers during a pandemic, and threatened to strip federal funding from Michigan schools. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spiral out of control due to Trump’s failures, we need a president committed to these programs now more than ever. I know that Joe Biden will be that president.”

In Minnesota: 

Minnesota DFL Party Chair Ken Martin: “Our state is experiencing a caregiving crisis, which has only been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and Trump’s disastrous response. Trump failed to deliver on his childcare promises, failed to secure real progress on paid family leave, and is now pushing all schools to fully reopen, but has no plan on how schools, teachers, and caregivers can do so safely. Trump doesn’t understand the challenges working families face, and has only made things worse for Minnesota families through his botched response to coronavirus.”

In Nevada:

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II: “Home means Nevada to thousands of home care workers facing long hours and low wages, and these conditions have only been exacerbated as they serve on the frontlines of the fight against the coronavirus. But even though home care workers rely on unions to have a voice and a seat at the table, Donald Trump has fought to silence their voices and attack their right to organize for higher wages, better training, and good benefits. Thanks to Trump, Nevada’s home care workers are underpaid and undervalued.”

In New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley: “As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to deliver quality child care for working families … Now, during an unprecedented health and economic crisis, he’s refusing to work with Congress to help New Hampshire families. Trump’s tax scam took money out of the pockets of working parents, and since the outbreak, his administration has only made it harder for Granite Staters to make a living while taking care of their kids.”

In North Carolina: 

North Carolina Democratic Party Communications Director Austin Cook: “Donald Trump’s empty promises to reduce the cost of child care show exactly how detached he is from the struggles of everyday Americans. The high costs of quality child care and early development programs hurts our children, prevents parents and guardians from entering the workforce, and leaves millions of families in financial uncertainty. While the Trump administration doesn’t even pretend to have a plan to address this issue, Vice President Biden’s proposal lays out concrete steps that will empower working families and spur economic growth across North Carolina. The difference between the two approaches could not be more clear.”

In Ohio:

Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper: “Donald Trump promised Ohioans he would deliver on child care for working families. Instead, he turned his back on them and funnelled billions to his ultra-wealthy friends. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Trump has continued making it harder for working parents to take time off and care for their families. Ohioans deserve better than his broken promises. We deserve an advocate in the White House, and this November, we’re going to get one in Joe Biden.”

In Pennsylvania: 

Pennsylvania Democratic Spokesperson Andres Anzola: “Since his first day in office, Donald Trump has put the interests of the wealthiest Americans and large corporations before the needs of working families, our parents, and our children … Trump’s tax scam reduced the value of the child and dependent care credit for the middle class while expanding the child tax credit for high-income households. His repeated attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and cut the Medicaid program would jeopardize long-term care for seniors and their caregivers’ wellbeing. And his education department — which has repeatedly worked to undermine public education — is now demanding that our educators open schools during a pandemic without providing guidance on how to do so safely. Pennsylvanians deserve better than Trump’s failed, ineffective leadership.”

In Texas:

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia: “For four years, Donald Trump has left working families across Texas out to dry. As a candidate, Trump vowed to lower child care costs but he has utterly failed to deliver at every turn. Now, as coronavirus cases continue to surge across Texas, working families are paying the price as they struggle to juggle the responsibilities of care. Texans can’t afford another four years of empty rhetoric or skyrocketing child care costs — that’s why Texas will send Joe Biden to the White House in November.”

In Virginia:

Democratic Party of Virginia Executive Director Andrew Whitley: “Donald Trump promised to stand up for working families. But for three and a half years, he has continued to put himself and his rich friends first. His tax scam undermined tax credits for working parents while funneling billions to the ultra-wealthy … Virginia saw through Donald Trump’s empty rhetoric in 2016, and this November, we’re bringing an end to his broken promises.”

In Wisconsin: 

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Spokesperson Philip Shulman: “Older Americans deserve to live their lives with dignity and respect, instead of living with the threats of Trump’s heartless policy goals. He doesn’t care about the well-being of older Wisconsinites and they see just how dangerous another four years of his presidency would be for them. That’s why their support continues to grow for Vice President Biden who has a plan to address the crisis Donald Trump helped create by ensuring seniors receive the care they need without having to fight for their livelihoods.”