In The Battlegrounds: As Biden Unveils Clean Jobs Plan, Democrats Slam Trump’s Failed Record

Today, as Joe Biden unveiled his plan to empower workers while creating millions of new clean energy jobs, Democrats across the battleground states slammed Donald Trump’s ineffectiveness and broken promises. See for yourself:

In Arizona:

Rep. Ruben Gallego: “Four years ago, Donald Trump promised to fix our nation’s crumbling infrastructure and bring back American jobs. In reality, Trump has proven himself to be a con artist intent on enriching himself and his wealthy, well-connected supporters while leaving working families behind. As Arizona continues to face record unemployment thanks to the Administration’s failed pandemic response, it’s clear that Trump lacks the competence and compassion to lead us out of this economic disaster of his own making.”

In Florida:

FL Dems: “‘Donald Trump has flirted with allowing oil and gas drilling off Florida’s coast, bizarrely claimed that noise from wind turbines can cause cancer, and rolled back critical Obama-Biden era climate policies,’ said Frances Swanson, spokesperson for the Florida Democratic Party, ‘While Trump is standing in the way of progress, Joe Biden is offering a thoughtful, comprehensive plan to mitigate the climate crisis and create millions of clean energy jobs.’”

In Georgia:

Transport Workers Union of America, Local 527 President BenYoel Morgan: “Transport workers have been pummeled by this pandemic, but we’re still showing up, working hard, and putting ourselves on the line to keep Georgia moving. But instead of having our backs, Donald Trump has left working Georgians out to dry. At least 600,000 Georgians are out of work, and more than 116,000 have contracted the virus. We don’t need a photo op.”

In Michigan: 

Metro Detroit AFL-CIO Secretary/Treasurer Jeannette Bradshaw: “To build a better future for our children and mitigate the worst damages of climate change, we know that we must transition to a 100 percent clean energy economy. That transition represents an opportunity for our country to invest in workers and make Michigan a leader in green energy. By prioritizing these jobs of the future, we have a chance to create high-paying, union jobs in our state. Unfortunately, President Donald Trump has failed us. Instead of betting on Michigan workers, he has launched an all-out attack on our environment — costing us jobs in the process.”

In Nevada:

Rep. Dina Titus: “Four years ago, Donald Trump parachuted into Las Vegas and promised to fight for working families across Nevada. Instead, he has fought to enrich the wealthy and well-connected — including himself — while attacking workers’ rights and advancing a shortsighted energy policy that hurts Nevada’s economy. Home means Nevada to thousands of proud union members and many clean energy innovators who have been left behind by Trump’s broken promises.”

In New Hampshire:

NH Dems: “More than ever, Granite Staters deserve a leader we can count on to deliver the resources we need to survive this crisis and build back better. We saw through Trump’s empty promises in 2016, and we know we can’t afford four more years of his incompetence. That’s why New Hampshire will put an end to this failed presidency in November, and it’s why we’re sending Joe Biden to the White House.”

In North Carolina:

NC Dems: “Vice President Biden’s proposal today would secure our clean energy future and create thousands of good paying, union jobs across North Carolina,” said Wake County Commissioner and state Labor Commissioner candidate Jessica Holmes. “In addition to the boon this plan would give our manufacturing and engineering industries, the trickle down effects of upgrading our infrastructure and expanding broadband access would be widespread. This is a bold, exciting agenda that will bring our country, and especially North Carolina, into the future.”

In Ohio:

Rep. Tim Ryan: “As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to Ohio. And as president, his economic policy and his incompetence have cratered the Ohio economy — starting long before this pandemic. General Motors’ Lordstown plant shut down on his watch. And even now, Trump is sabotaging the ideas and the investments that will lead to future job creation.”

In Pennsylvania: 

PA Dems: “Earlier today, Vice President Joe Biden unveiled his plan to create millions of jobs through smart investments in our workforce and infrastructure. This leadership contrasts with Donald Trump, who has failed to deliver for Pennsylvania workers or keep his promise to rebuild America.”

In Texas:

TX Dems: “For four years, Texans have been paying the price for Donald Trump’s empty promises to invest in infrastructure and bring back jobs. Now, millions of Texas have lost their jobs. Meanwhile, Trump bails out his wealthy and well-connected friends. What Texans need right now more than ever is a president who will deliver on his promises.”

In Virginia

State Delegate Sam Rasoul: “What we need to do is make sure that we’re using this as an opportunity to create jobs and have a just transition. […] I know that this November, we have a clear, distinct decision to make: what direction our country is going to go in. Let’s make sure that this November, we get out and vote like our lives depend on it.”

In Wisconsin: 

United Steelworkers District 2 Director Michael Bolton:“The greatest trick Trump ever played on working people was making them believe he cared about them. Even before the pandemic hit, everything Trump has done as president has made it harder for working Wisconsinites to get ahead. From attacking labor standards to trying to take health care away from millions of people across our state, Trump has never been about standing up for us. Even in the midst of a pandemic he couldn’t do the right thing, costing our country millions of jobs and using hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars as handouts for his country club buddies and giant corporations instead of the small businesses on main street that fuel our economy.”