In The Battlegrounds: As Social Security Turns 85, Democrats Slam Donald Trump’s Attacks on Americans’ Retirement

Marking the 85th anniversary of the Social Security Act, Democrats across the battleground states called out Donald Trump’s continued attacks on Americans’ retirement security and earned benefits. Check it out:

In Arizona:

Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans President Saundra Cole: “The president has said that he is going to have a payroll tax holiday, and that’s a direct hit on Social Security … It’s bad enough that we’re worried about our health — but now we’re worried about our own livelihoods. We need someone who is going to be strong and consistent on helping seniors.”

In Colorado:

Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll: “Four years ago, Donald Trump pledged to the American people that he would defend Social Security. But as president, Trump has repeatedly attacked this critical lifeline, which helps nearly 900,000 Coloradans make ends meet. Now, he’s exploiting a public health crisis to wage war on Social Security. Seniors are already bearing the brunt of Trump’s failed coronavirus response, and now Trump is making the crisis worse by going after their pocketbooks.”

Colorado Democratic Party Senior Initiative Chair Carolyn Boller: “The Social Security benefits received by senior citizens recirculates and puts billions of dollars into the US economy — taking those benefits away from Social Security recipients will not only hurt the livelihood of senior citizens and families but the economy as well. As a recipient of Social Security and its benefits, and on behalf of Colorado seniors, today is the day to contact your elected officials and call on them to protect Social Security from Donald Trump.”

In Georgia: 

Georgia Democrats: “Atlanta resident Norma Driebe relies on Social Security to survive. Trump’s plan to eliminate funding for Social Security leaves Norma and Georgia seniors at risk. That’s why Norma is voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who will protect and strengthen Social Security.”

In Maine: 

Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra: “First, Trump’s failed coronavirus response left older Mainers to fend for themselves. Now he’s attempting to axe the income safety net that hundreds of thousands of Maine people rely on while the pandemic continues to threaten our health and safety … Donald Trump’s threats to defund the program are shameful and would cause untold suffering in our state. It’s clear that in order to protect the future of Social Security and the future of older Mainers, we must defeat Donald Trump this November.”

In Michigan:

Michigan Democratic Party Spokesperson Christian Slater: “Donald Trump failed to contain COVID-19 while creating an economic crisis with unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression, and is now unilaterally attempting to gut funding for Social Security. At a time when Michigan’s seniors can least afford it, Trump is threatening their economic support and security.”

In Nevada:

Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Molly Forgey: “As we celebrate more than eight decades of providing retirees hard-earned benefits, Donald Trump’s policies continue to pose a direct threat to Social Security – a resource so many older Nevadans rely on for food, housing, and health care. This isn’t the first time Trump and Republicans threatened Social Security – throughout his administration, Trump has proposed hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Social Security and Medicare in his budgets.”

In New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley: “On the anniversary of the Social Security Act being signed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, we are resolute in our commitment to protect this program and restore the promise that our government will look out for all of its citizens’ well being. Unfortunately, this week we had the worst affirmation yet that Donald Trump and his New Hampshire allies have no intention of trying to uphold that essential promise, as they now support the elimination of Social Security for a big business tax break.”

In Ohio:

Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper: “After 85 years, Social Security still works for the American people. Joe Biden knows it provides peace of mind and the ability to retire with dignity for millions of Americans, and he will fight to preserve and strengthen it. He would never undermine the Social Security trust fund, as Donald Trump is trying to do. Trump promised to protect Social Security, but Ohio seniors and families are paying the price for Trump’s broken promises.”

In Texas: 

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa: “Despite this crisis and despite the obvious value of Social Security, Donald Trump continues to threaten cuts to Social Security for hardworking Texans. … As Trump continues his attacks on Social Security in the middle of the biggest pandemic in American history, Texas Democrats recommit ourselves to protecting Social Security for all Texans.”

In Virginia: 

Democratic Party of Virginia Press Secretary Carson Brown: “85 years after its founding, Social Security has become a crucial piece of the Commonwealth foundation, serving 1.6 million people in Virginia. Yet despite insisting he’d protect it, Trump’s broken promises on Social Security have put at risk millions of Virginians who count on it to put food on the table or retire with dignity. After 85 years, Social Security is at a crossroads — and in just under 85 days, we’ll go to the polls to ensure its continued existence.”