In The Battlegrounds: Democrats Are Ready To Win in 2020

One year from Election Day 2020, Democrats on the ground are ready to hold Trump accountable for his broken promises.

One year out from the 2020 election, Democratic state parties across the country are building the infrastructure our eventual nominee and candidates down the ballot will need to win and holding Trump accountable for his broken promises.

See for yourself (and read more about the DNC’s general election programs here): 

In Wisconsin:





In Florida:




  • Florida Politics: Florida Democrats outline strategy to take down Donald Trump in Florida. “The state party has already raised $5.2 million for its campaign to defeat Trump and has assembled a team of 91 employees — the largest team in the nation and equal to both the Trump Florida campaign and Republican Party of Florida staff combined, according to Rizzo. The party hopes to register 200,000 new voters in Florida by July and has already registered 17,000 since June, out-registering Republicans four months in a row for the first time in three years.”




In Ohio:

  • Ohio Democrats: On the Road Again … Meeting 2019 Main Street Candidates. “We criss-crossed the state, kicking things off in Hamilton County on Monday morning, heading up to northeast Ohio, zipping across the Ohio Turnpike to Toledo and wrapping up our three-day tour with stops in Mansfield and Wilmington. Our program to support local candidates is called the Main Street Initiative — and it’s all about building a bench of great public servants at every level, whether it be for school board, city council or mayor. The state party provided training and support for nearly 500 local candidates this year.”

In Michigan:

In Nevada:



In Maine:

  • Maine Democratic Party Marks One Year Until the 2020 General Election. “Kathleen Marra, Chair of the Maine Democratic Party released the following statement: ‘One year from today, Mainers will head to the polls to cast our votes in an election with so much at stake: affordable access to health care, a healthy environment, the ability to work one job for a living wage, and a government that works for all people, not just the wealthy few…But to be successful, we’ll need every Democrat rallying behind our eventual nominees for president and Senate to put our party in the strongest possible position to win the White House, defeat Susan Collins, and help Democrats secure victories at every level of the ballot in 2020.’”

In Iowa:

  • The Gazette: DNC chairman Tom Perez sees 2020 election as ‘moral fork in the road’. “The national leader of the Democratic Party told Iowans on Friday that the nation stands at ‘a moral fork in the road,’ and it will take a united party supporting whoever emerges as the 2020 presidential nominee to defeat Republican Donald Trump.”
  • WOI-DT. Tom Perez, in his remarks at the Liberty and Justice Dinner last week: “We are one family, one team. One family, one team. And we have one year to defeat the worst president in the history of our country.”

In Arizona:


  • Arizona Democratic Party: One year out from Election Day Arizona Democrats are Ready. “With exactly one year to go until election day, Arizona Democratic Party spokesperson Matt Grodsky issued the following statement: ‘Arizona Democrats have a plan that works for all Arizonans. At the end of the day, our policies focus on one thing: providing opportunities for Arizonans of all walks of life. After a long string of broken promises from Donald Trump and Arizona Republicans, Arizonans are ready to make a change in 2020.’”


In Texas:



In Pennsylvania:

  • PoliticsPA: PA Dems Announce New Comms Team: “The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has a new communications team. On Wednesday, the PA Democratic Party sent out a press release announcing the hiring of Brendan Welch as Communications Director and Andres Anzola to serve as Deputy Communications Director.”