In The Battlegrounds: Democrats Blast Trump Tax Scam

On Tax Day, Trump Called Out For Hiking Taxes On Working Families, Funneling Giveaways To Billionaires

Today, as working people across the country finished filing their taxes, battleground state Democrats blasted Donald Trump’s tax scam, which will raise taxes on working families while funnelling billions to the ultra-wealthy. See for yourself:

In Arizona:

AZ Dems: “Donald Trump is delinquent in keeping his promises to the people of Arizona  ….. His signature accomplishment in office is jamming through a tax scam that lined the pockets of his wealthy donors and corporate special interests while leaving Arizona’s working families behind. Arizonans are still struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic due to Trump’s failed coronavirus response.  We cannot afford another four years of Trump in the White House and that’s precisely why we will vote him out come November.”

In Florida:

FL Dems: “This Tax Day is a reminder that Trump’s time in office has been spent working for his Mar-a-Lago buddies, not Florida’s working families. … Trump’s signature ‘achievement’ is blowing up America’s deficit to line the pockets of America’s richest taxpayers, while leaving everyone else behind. Trump’s tax scam will cost him with voters in Florida, who deserve more than lip service and broken promises.”

In Maine:

ME Dems: “Trump’s ‘tax cuts’ have always been a boon to wealthy Americans, but by 2027, most Mainers will actually pay MORE in taxes. It’s clear @realDonaldTrump’s tax scam was meant to help the wealthy while leaving the rest of us out to dry.”

In Michigan: 

MI Dems: “This delayed tax day is yet another bleak reminder that Trump’s economic agenda never had working people at heart. Not only was the tax scam ineffective at helping families in our state get ahead, it rewarded big corporations for laying off workers and closing factories in Michigan. While the rich and well-connected pad their bank accounts, the tax scam is expected to raise taxes on 1.2 million Michiganders by 2027.”

In Minnesota: 

MN DFL: “From tanking the strong Obama-Biden economy to implementing a failed coronavirus response, Trump’s economic record in Minnesota has been wholly ineffective at building an economy that works for working people. Take a look at his signature achievement: a tax scam bill that rewarded corporations for offshoring jobs as executives made it big with lucrative stock buybacks and hardworking Minnesotans got left behind. As Minnesotans file our taxes, we know the best thing we can do for our economic futures is to ensure that come January 2021, we have a new president in the White House.”

In Nevada: 

NV Dems: “When it comes to Trump’s economic policies, wealthy shareholders and CEOs are winning and hardworking families are losing. While Trump and Republicans tried to sell the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as a much-needed tax break for middle-class families, the reality was a windfall for Big Business and the top 1%. Under the Trump administration, income inequality has been exacerbated and workers have been left behind. As we top the nation in unemployment and are faced with the need to make devastating budget cuts to stay afloat, no one has felt the consequences of this global health crisis more than Nevadans.”

In North Carolina:

NC Dems: “While millions of Americans struggling to get by in the Trump economy file their taxes today, big corporations and banks have saved billions of dollars thanks to the president’s 2018 tax scam. We were promised by Republicans that their plan would create jobs and save working families money. Two years later, as we slide into a recession, we’ve seen that their promises were about as valuable as a degree from Trump University. North Carolinians deserve a president who will put the needs of middle class families first.”

In Ohio:

OH Dems: “Time and again, Donald Trump promised to help Ohio’s working families … Instead, he handed massive tax giveaways to his rich friends — and left more than 1.6 million Ohioans with the bill. As the pandemic worsens and our economy continues to crater on Trump’s watch, we need a president who will put the health, lives and livelihoods of working people first.”

In Texas:

TX Dems: “Donald Trump has utterly failed to provide more coronavirus relief funding for Texans fighting to make ends meet amid the pandemic. Yet in 2017, Trump and his Republican enablers like John Cornyn jammed through a tax scam that [will hike] taxes on Texas’ working families, while billionaires and big corporations got a massive windfall. As Trump and Cornyn continue to line the pockets of their wealthy, well-connected donors, hardworking Texas families are getting the short end of the stick.”

In Virginia:

VA Dems: “Donald Trump promised Virginians that our taxes would go ‘way down.’ Instead, he passed a tax scam that will hike taxes on more than a million Virginians while handing billions to the wealthy and well-connected. Trump’s incompetence has already cratered our economy, and working families can’t afford to foot the bill for a giveaway to his rich friends.”

In Wisconsin: 

WI Dems: “Trump’s economic agenda has been devastating for Wisconsinites, and as we file our taxes, we are reminded that rather than passing a meaningful tax overhaul to help working families, Trump instead lent a hand to the rich and well-connected. His tax scam incentivized companies to offshore jobs and layoff workers and corporations followed his lead, lining the pockets of executives rather than giving Wisconsin workers a hard-earned raise.”