In the Battlegrounds: Democrats Blast Trump’s Failure of Leadership Over April’s Job Report

As a result of Donald Trump’s catastrophic failure of leadership – 20.5 million American jobs were lost in the month of April and the unemployment rate soared to 14.7%. It didn’t have to be this bad, and across the battlegrounds Democrats are calling out Trump for his chaotic, failed coronavirus response. 

See what they’re saying:

Arizona Democrats: “The President is responsible for driving this country’s response to this catastrophe but he’s asleep at the wheel,” said Matt Grodsky Arizona Democratic Party spokesman, “Trump has treated the economy like Jenga and now it’s all fallen down due to his poor leadership. Arizonans know we need a Commander in Chief who will unite the country, keep us safe, and help us recover.”

Florida Democrats: “Instead of preparing us for the pandemic, as other nations’ leaders had, Donald Trump ignored his own intelligence briefings, fell for China’s propaganda, and allowed COVID-19 to spread without widespread testing to track and contain the virus. ”

Michigan Democrats: “At every turn, Donald Trump has failed in his response to COVID-19 and now 75,000 are dead and over 20 million jobs have been lost,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesman Christian Slater. “Trump’s inadequate preparation and continued erratic response to this pandemic have devastated working families across Michigan. Donald Trump has no plan to contain this disaster as the country stumbles from crisis to crisis and everyday people suffer as a result.”

North Carolina Democrats: “Today’s jobs report is a crushing reminder of the toll this pandemic has taken on workers in North Carolina and across the country. But it is also clear that this damage would not have been so devastating if our country had competent leadership in the White House. Instead of being proactive and protecting our workers in the early stages of this virus’s spread, President Trump ignored the coronavirus and downplayed the threat it posed. By the time his administration finally acted, they worked to protect corporations and big business instead of the American workforce. With more than 1.1 million unemployment claims in North Carolina, we’re now seeing the dramatic toll those decisions have taken on our state.”

Pennsylvania Democrats: “This devastating report is a direct result of Donald Trump’s failure to prepare our nation for the coronavirus crisis. It didn’t have to be this bad, but Trump’s chaotic, erratic response to COVID-19 continues to put the health, safety and economic security of Pennsylvanians at risk,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Spokesperson Andres Anzola.   

Virginia Democrats: “This was avoidable. Trump failed to prepare us for this pandemic and we now have the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression.”

Wisconsin Democrats: “Had Donald Trump taken the coronavirus seriously from the outset instead of playing it down and kowtowing to China, over half a million Wisconsinites and tens of millions of Americans who have now lost their jobs wouldn’t be left worrying about how they are now going to pay their bills, put food on the table, and pay for their medicine. But here we are: Trump left our country unprepared for Covid-19 and we are now seeing the devastating consequences. Wisconsin, and the country, can’t afford another four years under President Trump.”