In The Battlegrounds: “Democrats Bring Attention To Health Care Ahead of Tonight’s Debate.”

Ahead of the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Democrats across the battleground states slammed Donald Trump’s broken promises on health care — including how he’ll use the Supreme Court vacancy to continue his attacks on Americans’ health care coverage and protections for preexisting conditions, even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Arizona:

Tucson Weekly: Democrats Bring Attention to Healthcare Ahead of Tonight’s Debate. “Jeff Jeans once described himself as a ‘hardcore conservative Republican.’ But after he moved to Arizona and lost his job, he lost the health insurance that came with it. A year later, Jeans lost his voice and was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer … A day before tonight’s first debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden, Jeans shared his story at a virtual press conference hosted by Arizona Democrats discussing the Affordable Care Act and Trump’s opposition to the health care law. He shared the same testimony as a guest speaker at the Democratic National Convention in August.”

Yuma Sun: Aguirre: Prepare to suffer if no ACA. “Ahead of the first presidential debate Tuesday, the Arizona Democratic Party held a video press conference Monday featuring Amanda Aguirre, president and CEO of the Regional Center for Border Health, who discussed how President Donald Trump’s attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act would affect Arizonans, especially those with pre-existing conditions … Aguirre stressed that ‘eliminating the coverage of so many families in Arizona and their children and young adults that the Affordable Care Act has covered since its implementation’ would be detrimental to rural communities like Yuma County.”

Arizona Republic: “On Monday, the Arizona Democratic Party hosted a pre-debate press conference focused on health care and coverage of pre-existing conditions. Jeff Jeans, who described himself as a lifelong Republican until he got cancer and now plans to vote for Biden, said he is alive today because of the Affordable Care Act.”

KGUN: “Pima County Democratic party Chair Alison Jones said ‘Well, we think [Trump’s] goal with that nominee is pretty clear … [Trump] wants to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and its protections for people with pre-existing conditions 38 days before the election, and it will have severe consequences on 2.8 million people in Arizona.’”

In Colorado:

Aurora Sentinel: Remember Trump’s broken promises at tonight’s debate. “It’s likely we’ll also hear a lot about pre-existing conditions tonight. Let’s be clear: this president will not protect people with pre-existing conditions. He talks a big game, but not only is his administration in court to dismantle the one law on the books that ensures people with pre-existing conditions can get health coverage, but he has no plan to replace the ACA if his lawsuit succeeds. To make matters worse, complications from COVID-19 could become the next deniable pre-existing condition without the ACA.”

In Florida: 

Florida Politics: Linda Stewart presses Joe Biden’s case for Obamacare. “If the presidential election is about saving the Affordable Care Act, that issue involves far more than just preserving insurance coverage for people with preexisting conditions, Democratic Sen. Linda Stewart said Tuesday. As part of a series of virtual press events arranged by Joe Biden‘s campaign throughout Florida Tuesday, Stewart joined health care providers and patients in Orlando to denounce as dangerous President Donald Trump‘s efforts to have the Affordable Care Act struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo: “During tonight’s debate, don’t let Donald Trump distract you from the fact that he is fighting tooth and nail to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a plan for the millions of Floridians who will lose coverage or see their premiums skyrocket. Trump’s had four years to deliver on his promises and he’s come up empty handed. Joe Biden is ready on day one to deliver for Floridians and improve access to quality, affordable care.”

In Georgia:

Joyce Barlow, Registered Nurse and Democratic Nominee for Georgia House District 151: “Instead of taking action to make health care more affordable and accessible during this pandemic, Trump has nominated someone to the Supreme Court who is going to vote against the Affordable Care Act and take Medicaid expansion off the table as an option for Georgians. We are suffering severely here in rural Georgia because we have a President – and Georgia Republicans – who choose to put partisan politics before the healthcare of the people of Georgia.”

In Nebraska:

Omaha World Herald: “Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb and the Democratic National Committee’s Maddie McComb criticized Trump Jr.’s visit as a distraction from Trump’s failures, including on health care. Both said voters need Biden and the Democrats’ real protections for people with preexisting conditions, not flimsy Trump executive orders and GOP lawsuits that they say could gut the Affordable Care Act. ‘Nebraskans won’t be fooled,’ Kleeb said.”

In New Hampshire:

Concord Monitor: LTE: What losing the ACA would mean for me. “I have cancer. For insurance purposes, it is a pre-existing condition. Under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) I cannot be denied insurance because of my cancer. The Republicans in the Senate have tried to repeal the ACA, and Republican state attorneys general have challenged its constitutionality with the president’s approval. The case is about to be considered by the Supreme Court … For this and other reasons, I will vote for Joe Biden.”

In North Carolina:

North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin: “When the Affordable Care Act finally took effect, it was a game changer for our state, and a giant leap forward. Now, all of that progress is in danger. And as we prepare to watch tonight’s debate, I want North Carolinians across our state to hold this president accountable for what he is trying to do. If he has his way, millions of lives across our state will be uprooted, families will be thrown in financial jeopardy, and lives truly will be at risk. The stakes could not be higher.”

Charlotte Observer: LTE: Trump Dangles Promises, Not A Plan. “President Trump has had almost four years to provide voters with a detailed health care plan, and so far — squat. Sure, he dangles his usual promises. The so-called executive order he signed with great flourish last week means nothing. If the Supreme Court overturns the Affordable Care Act, a new law would be required to replace it … When you vote, vote as if your health depends on it. Because it does.”

In Ohio:

WSYX: “Biden’s advocates today decried the nomination of Barrett, worried she’ll lead a Supreme Court charge to revoke the signature Obama achievement, the Affordable Care Act. Among them was David Pepper, chair of the Ohio Democrats. ‘The fact that it threatens the health care of so many Ohioans, millions of Ohioans of all parties, I do think actually risks changing minds that might have settled on Donald Trump,’ he said.”

WHIO: “Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper, in a pre-debate news conference online, told reporters the president’s tax problems, as detailed in the New York Times on Sunday and Monday, will be a big issue in the debate even if it is not on the official agenda. ‘Now we know, despite years of him trying to hide the truth, Trump paid just $750 in the first year he was president. What a disgrace. Trump hasn’t just lied about his taxes, he has lied about health care too,’ Pepper said. He went on to describe how Trump’s attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act will result in tens of thousands of Ohioans losing their health care coverage.”

In Pennsylvania:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Democrats focus Pennsylvania campaign on existential threat to health law. “In Pennsylvania, Mr. Casey, a top supporter of former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, will deliver a message of imminent doom: One week after Election Day, the Supreme Court will hear a lawsuit, backed by the Trump administration, that seeks to vacate the ACA entirely. The Supreme Court nominee ‘will be the deciding vote on health care,’ Mr. Casey said in an interview last week, noting 1 million Pennsylvanians have gained health coverage and 5.5 million have pre-existing conditions protected by the law. ‘These are big stakes.’”

In Virginia: 

WTRK: “The group, which included leaders such as Congressman Bobby Scott and former Governor Terry McAuliffe, focused mainly on the Affordable Care Act. They say the president is aiming to take away health care for millions of Virginians … [McAuliffe]: ‘We don’t stand for wanting to repeal the ACA. It has covered tens of millions of Americans’ … Congressman Scott added to McAuliffe’s point saying that if the ACA is taken away, premiums across the board would skyrocket due to uncompensated care at hospitals.’”

Blue Virginia: “‘After years of trying to outright repeal the Affordable Care Act, the Trump administration is trying to administratively sabotage it … So we’re here to remind everyone that Democrats are here not just to say that we’ll protect those with pre-existing conditions, but that we created the protections and we’re here to fight for them against the Trump administration’s actions to repeal those protections,’ said Congressman Bobby Scott (VA-03).”

In Wisconsin:

WKBT: U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin calls out President Trump, says he hasn’t followed through with health care promises. “‘Ever since the Affordable Care Act was passed we’ve been hearing time and time again from the Republicans that they would offer something better. So where is their plan? As a candidate, Donald Trump promised he’d lower health care and lower prescription drug costs, all while protecting people with preexisting conditions. And yet, we see from this administration effort after effort to cut health care and promote junk insurance plans that aren’t even worth the paper they’re written on,’ Baldwin said.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Philip Shulman, a spokesman for the state Democratic Party, said Trump’s visit wouldn’t change the public perception that the president is ‘chaotic and ineffective.’ ‘Whether it’s trying to rip health care away from millions of people with pre-existing conditions or paying only $750 in federal income taxes while passing a tax bill that will ultimately raise taxes on working Wisconsinites, Donald Trump only cares about one person: himself,’ he said in a statement.”