In The Battlegrounds: Democrats Continue Holding Trump Accountable For Chaotic, Ineffective Coronavirus Response

Across the battlegrounds, Democrats are joining nurses, doctors and other community leaders to continue holding Trump accountable for his chaotic response to the COVID-19 pandemic — highlighting issues like his failure to secure and distribute medical equipment, ensure adequate testing and reopen ACA enrollment. See for yourself:

In Colorado:

Colorado Democrats like Denver Mayor Michael Hancock called out Trump’s failed leadership during the pandemic:

Colorado Politics: “Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said President Trump has failed a test of basic leadership in the wake of the pandemic, as cities and states struggle to find the equipment they need to respond. […] ‘I think this is where you see who’s fit and who isn’t,’ Hancock said. ‘The federal government has completely failed our nation in preparing and making sure we have everything.’”

In Florida: 

The Florida Democrats held a press call with Nikki Fried and members of Congress calling out Trump for not reopening ACA enrollment during the coronavirus, and held Trump accountable for his attacks on voting by mail:

News Service of Florida: “Several leading Florida Democrats called for President Donald Trump to reopen the federal health-insurance exchange and to put the brakes on a lawsuit that could repeal the federal Affordable Care Act, often dubbed Obamacare. ‘We all know thousands of Floridians who have lost their jobs in the last few weeks due to this crisis, many of whom either lost their employment-sponsored health insurance or their ability to pay for their own plan,’ Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo said.”

WFLA Radio: “Florida Democrats in the state Cabinet and Congress called a virtual news conference Wednesday afternoon to demand that President Trump drop a lawsuit to repeal the Affordable Care Act and instead reopen enrollment because of COVID-19.”

News Channel 8: “Florida leaders including Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried, Congresswoman Val Demings, and others are calling on President Trump to reopen enrollment for the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ‘Obamacare.’”

Florida Politics: “As President Donald Trump railed Tuesday and Wednesday against vote-by-mail,  Florida Democrats cried foul … Nationally and in Florida, Democrats are embracing big-scale, statewide mail-in voting as a safe way for people to cast ballots in the era of the coronavirus crisis and social distancing. … ‘The solution to safe voting in a pandemic is vote-by-mail,’ said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Juan Peñalosa… ‘Trump’s attempts to invalidate vote-by-mail are as dangerous as they are ridiculous.’”

In Michigan: 

The Michigan Democratic Party held a press conference call with Pontiac Mayor Deirdre Waterman and state Representative Tyrone Carter to highlight the Trump administration’s chaotic response to the COVID-19 crisis and the impact it has had on the black community.

Michigan Advance: “Carter said he believes that he was infected with COVID-19 virus during a retirement party for a law enforcement official on March 6. He pointed out that at that time, President Donald Trump was publicly downplaying the severity of the virus spread…. They also were critical of the Trump administration’s delay in reacting to the virus spread through insufficient movement of health care supplies to states, something also raised by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and a bipartisan group of governors.”

Fox 2 Detroit: “But one Michigan lawmaker who is now recovering from COVID 19 is pointing the finger at President Donald Trump… ‘By failing to heed warnings he received about the crisis Donald Trump has failed black Michiganders,’ said Rep. Tyrone Carter. ‘He didn’t create the virus; he didn’t create racial disparity but he did let it become a crisis.’”

In North Carolina: 

North Carolina Democrats called for the Trump administration to reopen the ACA enrollment markets.

Fox 46 Charlotte: “‘We encourage all North Carolinians who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak to file for unemployment benefits and seek health insurance through the ACA,’ said NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin. ‘Instead of playing politics, President Trump should re-open the enrollment markets to give more Americans access to health insurance during this crisis. Failing to do so is simply unacceptable.’”

In Virginia:

Virginia Democrats called out Trump for failing to provide urgently needed medical supplies:

VA Dems: “Here in Virginia, the Commonwealth requested 500,000 each of two different swabs necessary to conduct testing, and received zero. Virginia has received only about half of requested face shields, surgical masks, and surgical gowns; and 7-8% each of its requested 2,200 coveralls, 3.4 million gloves, and 2.2 million N95 respirators.”

In Wisconsin: 

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin held a tele-press conference with Congresswoman Gwen Moore and health care professionals to highlight the strain that in-person voting places on the health care system, the disparities in COVID-19 infections in Black communities, and what health care workers need during this pandemic.

WisBusiness: “(Rep. Gwen Moore) also bashed the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic, noting the federal government sent a large amount of personal protective equipment and ventilators to China early on in the outbreak.”

The Cap Times: “On a press call Thursday, U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore said COVID-19 is ‘very opportunist.’ ‘If you’re weak, and if you’re poor, and if you can’t afford to have your groceries delivered to you, if you can’t stock up for a month’s time and avoid the interactions, if you work in the public service sector, I think you’re at greater risk,’ the Milwaukee Democrat said. ‘Those things seem to come together for African Americans.’”

CBS 58: “During a conference organized by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D – Milwaukee) said she doesn’t want to do away with in-person voting in November, but wants an expansion of the mail-in system to help avoid spread of COVID-19.” ‘It seems to me if you’re going to contract 180 polling sites down to just five on election day for same day voting,’ Moore said. ‘That would make more sense if people had a longer period of time for absentee voting and if they had had the option to mail it in.’”