In The Battlegrounds: “Democrats Criticize Trump for Not Protecting Seniors During Coronavirus Pandemic.”

As multiple stories detailed how Trump’s failed coronavirus response is causing him to continue “hemorrhaging” support from seniors, this week Democrats across the battlegrounds joined with older Americans to slam Trump for failing  seniors during the pandemic—and for his broader agenda that’s jeopardized programs like Medicare and Social Security.

See for yourself:


Arizona Democrats: “‘‘Trump has failed in his COVID-19 response by downplaying the virus, ignoring experts, and wasting precious time, which has put seniors in harm’s way,’ said Matt Grodsky, Arizona Democratic Party spokesman, ‘The Presidential race is between a Republican who willingly puts seniors at risk and a Democrat who will fight for their well being. The choice is easy.’”


Florida Politics: Democrats say Donald Trump’s COVID-19 testing guidance for nursing homes is too little, too late.  “Nearly half of Florida’s COVID-19 deaths are linked to residents and staff at long-term care facilities. On Thursday, the Florida Democratic Party argued the Donald Trump administration bears the brunt of the blame.”

  • “Rep. Donna Shalala argued that guidance is coming too late. ‘Seniors are affected more than any other group — at nursing homes, at their own homes,’ Shalala said. ‘If we know that, why is it that the President only two weeks ago ordered just the nursing homes to test everyone? Why not target these groups from the beginning? His failed response has been devastating to seniors in our country.’”

Washington Post: In crucial Florida, some senior voters cast a skeptical eye toward Trump’s reelection. “Lehner, who now considers himself an independent, says he is frightened by the president’s lack of leadership and maturity amid the nation’s health and economic crisis. Several people in his gated community in Delray Beach, Fla., have gotten sick; at least one has died. He worries about his own health — he has an autoimmune disease — and also about his adult children, including a daughter who has gone back to work and a son whose pay has been cut. He plans to vote for Joe Biden in November.”



Reading Eagle: Berks Democrats criticize Trump for not protecting seniors during coronavirus pandemic. “Dean drew on that experience as she spoke with reporters on a conference call organized by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party on Thursday afternoon slamming President Donald Trump for his handling of the global health crisis.”

Philadelphia Inquirer: Some Pa. seniors are turning on Trump. That could be a problem for his reelection. “‘Seniors have felt the wrath of this pandemic more than any other age cohort,’ said Chris Borick, a pollster at Muhlenberg College in Allentown. ‘By numbers and health effects, it’s been devastating. The concern levels we’ve seen, when we’ve polled, are highest among seniors, and that, of course, could be bleeding into their appraisal of the president.”


“Nancy Patton Mills, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman, hosted a press call with representatives and members of the Pennsylvania Senate Aging And Youth Committee yesterday. According to Mills, the call was to discuss the impact of what she says is the Trump administration’s failed coronavirus response for seniors across the state.

“She says the Trump administration’s lack of preparedness for the coronavirus outbreak led to a shortage of testing and supplies at nursing homes. She also claims it led to the failure to adequately track the spread at those same facilities. Pennsylvania representative Madeleine Dean says this shows a lack of leadership in the White House.”


Concord Monitor: Dr. Young & State Rep. Wood: State’s seniors deserve more – and better. “President Donald Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has failed to protect one of our most at-risk populations: seniors. The disastrous federal response, coupled with not supporting establishments serving seniors, increased the rate of infections and deaths in older Granite Staters.”


Ohio Democrats: “The Ohio Democratic Party hosted a virtual roundtable discussion yesterday with state Rep. Stephanie Howse, Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans President Norm Wernet and Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio Board of Trustees Member Cathy Crain to discuss the devastating impact of the coronavirus crisis on Ohio seniors.”


US News: “‘Seniors are more likely to be the people who read the obits,’ said Gary Mitchell, president of the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans. ‘There’s a little trauma every day when people look at the obits and see so many of their colleagues or friends or family. Every time, you’re wondering whether it was related to COVID and whether the person died alone,’ Mitchell said during a conference call about Trump’s health care policy and its impact on seniors.”


Virginia Democrats: “After passing the massive tax giveaway that added $1.9 trillion to the debt, Taylor’s fellow Republicans floated cutting Social Security and Medicare to pay for it. Now Taylor is on board. He’s also right in line with Donald Trump, who proposed cuts to these same programs earlier this year.”