In The Battlegrounds: Democrats Praise HR 3, Slam Trump’s Broken Promises on Health care

While Trump has failed to deliver, Democrats fight to cut health care costs for millions of Americans

Today, the House passed groundbreaking legislation to lower drug costs, and across the battlegrounds Democrats showed how the contrast on health care will be crystal clear in 2020 — Democrats are making health care more affordable for working families while Trump’s broken promises are spiking costs and jeopardizing coverage. Take a look:

Roll Call: Democrats plan campaign health care push ahead of House vote.

“Democrats in battleground states are using an expected vote this week on a prescription drug bill to shift the focus on the campaign trail to health care, an issue they believe helped them win the House in 2018 and will help them defeat President Donald Trump in 2020. The Democratic National Committee and state parties in Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are launching web videos and hosting a variety of events aimed at drawing a contrast with Republicans on health care, according to plans shared first with CQ Roll Call. ‘The contrast on the issue of health care is perfectly clear and will be on full display in 2020: Democrats are working to make medicine more affordable while Trump’s agenda spikes costs, jeopardizes coverage protections for people with pre-existing conditions and slashes Medicare,’ said David Bergstein, DNC battleground state communications director.

In Florida:

FDP Chair Rizzo Statement on the House Passing H.R. 3: “Today, Democrats put Floridians first by passing H.R. 3 which will allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices and make care more accessible and affordable for hard-working Florida families. This important move demonstrates that Democrats are committed to improving health care for millions of Floridians – unlike President Trump’s repeated failures and broken promises. Trump’s ineffectiveness runs deep. He has drastically cut funding for Medicare by more than hundreds of billions of dollars, given drug companies billions in tax breaks, and jeopardized care for Floridians with preexisting conditions. Floridians won’t forget Trump’s countless broken promises or his attempts to block lifesaving health care for them and their families.”

In Ohio:

Lima Ohio: David Pepper: Better answers required on insulin costs. “Ohioans are desperate for relief from the burden of ever-escalating drug prices, but all Donald Trump has done is offer one broken promise after another.

In Pennsylvania:

PennLive: Anna Kruk Corbin: President Trump has broken his promise to protect the healthcare of millions of Americans.“Time and time again, President Trump has promised to protect the health care of millions of Americans – including nearly half of all Pennsylvanians – who have pre-existing conditions. His supporters believe that when he makes a promise, he keeps it. But President Trump has broken that promise.Any day now, an appeals court could rule on Texas v. Azar, which will determine the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PP/ACA). If the appeals court upholds the ruling of the lower courts to overturn the PP/ACA, the case will eventually make its way to the Supreme Court.

Despite promises to the contrary, the Trump Administration has no contingency plan in place if the PP/ACA is overturned.”

WHTM: “‘As a candidate, Donald Trump promised that he would help Pennsylvanians by stopping the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs and defending protections for pre-existing conditions,’ Mills said. As President, he has broken those promises.

Daily American: “The state’s Democratic Party used the visit as a chance to note his policies on health insurance, which they say could raise costs on individuals with pre-existing conditions. Nancy Patton Mills, chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, called the president ‘an ineffective leader’ in a statement released shortly after he concluded his rally.”

Politics PA: “After the rally concluded, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills specifically criticized the Trump administration over healthcare policies, saying that he betrayed promises to combat prescription drug prices and protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions.”

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In Wisconsin:

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Statement on House Passage of the “Elijah Cummings Lower Prescription Drug Costs Now Act of 2019: “The fact that Trump won’t support this bill shows us he was never serious about addressing this issue, it’s merely a campaign talking point. Trump’s broken promises on health care continue to pile up, as he and his fellow Republicans have tried to take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions, stacked his administration with big Pharma and health care executives, and proposed gutting Medicare and Social Security to pay for the tax scam bill. Wisconsinites won’t forget that he broke his promises to them on health care. Democrats are fighting everyday for the people — prioritizing this sort of legislation that helps hard working families and not corporate executives. In 2020, we need a president who will keep their word and actually address the toughest issues facing Wisconsinites and the American people — that’s clearly not Donald Trump. We cannot afford four more years of him in the White House.”

WKOW: Wisconsin Democrats push Lower Drug Costs Now Act.

“Wisconsin Democrats are calling on Republicans to act on a federal bill they say would help lower the costs of prescription drugs.The Lower Drug Costs Now Act was introduced by late Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings.House Democrats have scheduled a vote on the bill this week.If passed, the proposal could empower the government to directly negotiate drug prices for more than 200 of the highest price drugs, including insulin.”

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In Iowa:

IDP Chair Troy Price: A Massive Victory for Iowa’s Working Families.

“This is a massive victory for working families across Iowa and a testament to Reps. Cindy Axne, Abby Finkenauer, and Dave Loebsack’s tireless work. Skyrocketing prescription drug costs are nothing short of a crisis, yet Donald Trump has chosen to side with pharmaceutical executives and allowed prices to climb even higher. While Trump continues to abandon working Iowans, Democrats are showing what real public service looks like.”

In Nevada:

Tweet thread from Nevada Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II:

In Maine:

MDP Chair Kathleen Marra: While Trump Sides With Big Pharma, Pingree and Golden Deliver Win For Working Families: “Chellie Pingree and Jared Golden worked tirelessly to deliver this critical victory for working Maine families. They’ve proudly fought for the countless Mainers struggling to afford skyrocketing prescription drug prices. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has chosen to side with pharmaceutical lobbyists, blocking meaningful action and handing billions to massive drug companies. In the Republican-controlled Senate, Mitch McConnell, backed by Susan Collins, is also blocking meaningful action by indicating he will refuse to even consider taking up the bill. Mainers deserve better than Trump’s broken promises, and Democrats are showing the way forward.”

In Texas:

Texas Democrats on the Passage of the Lower Drug Costs Now Act: “Too many Texans stay up late at night worrying about rising prescription drug prices. As costs have soared, Texans have had to choose between life-saving medication or putting food on the table. Thanks to House Democrats, this legislation will reduce negotiated drug prices by as much as 55% — this will save lives and save patients an estimated $158 billion over the next few years. The Lower Drug Costs Now Act represents real, meaningful solutions for families across Texas. As Trump and Cornyn continues to break promises, Texas Democrats will continue fighting for every Texan’s affordable access to a doctor and care they need, no matter how much they make or where they’re from, period.”

In Arizona:

Arizona Democrats Pass Medicare Price Negotiation Bill To Lower The Cost Of Prescription Drugs, While Republicans Vote To Protect Big Pharma Profits: “Too many Arizonans are forced to choose between their prescribed medication and buying food or paying a bill, while big pharmaceutical corporations make billions in annual profits,” said Arizona Democratic Party Chair Felecia Rotellini. “Arizona Democrats are fighting to lower the cost of prescription drugs and hold Big Pharma accountable. It’s disappointing to see Arizona Republicans yet again vote to protect their corporate industry donors’ profits, rather than standing up for Arizonans.”