In The Battlegrounds: Democrats Slam Donald Trump’s Attack on Social Security

Following Donald Trump’s executive action threatening Social Security over the weekend, Democrats across the battleground states slammed his continued attacks on Americans’ retirement security and earned benefits. See for yourself:

In Arizona:

AZ Dems: “Donald Trump’s disastrous pandemic response has been a raw deal for working families and older Americans in Arizona and across the country … And as the coronavirus outbreak tore through Arizona’s retirement communities and nursing homes, Trump failed to act and left seniors to fend for themselves. Now, after tanking good-faith negotiations to extend economic relief for working families, Trump is cutting unemployment benefits by $200 a week and exploiting a public health crisis to gut Social Security funding — right when communities need help the most.”

In Florida: 

Palm Beach Post: “Florida Democrats immediately seized on the potential ramification of the pledge, which would deprive Social Security of its main funding source. ‘Amid yesterday’s train wreck of neglect, Trump still manages to needlessly imperil seniors’ Social Security and Medicare benefits,’ said U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, in a statement. ‘The only certainties his executive orders deliver are more debt for working families, deeper state and local layoffs and a continuing refusal to address the testing and tracing measures needed to pull us out of this pandemic quagmire.’”

Rep. Ted Deutch: “Donald Trump has been a disaster for our seniors. His chaotic response to the coronavirus pandemic has threatened our seniors’ lives — and now he’s using the pandemic to gut Social Security’s funding. Make no mistake: Donald Trump just unilaterally decided to cut Social Security’s funding source and, if he gets a second term, vowed to defund Social Security once and for all.”

In Georgia:

GA Dems: “Donald Trump has already broken promise after promise towards America’s seniors, but this betrayal might be one of the worst ones yet. More than one million Georgians depend on Social Security to make ends meet and plan for a safe retirement.”

In Michigan:

MI Dems: “This president’s inability to get a handle on the pandemic continues to have a devastating impact on Michiganders … Today’s report is a shocking reminder of that reality. At a time when seniors in our state desperately need economic support and security, this president is inexplicably attacking Social Security and Medicare. We need a president who’s up to the task in confronting this virus and supporting Michiganders struggling to find their footing. Donald Trump continuously shows us he’s the opposite of that leader.”

In Nevada:

NV Dems: “Time and again, Donald Trump has thrown America’s seniors to the wolves, from undermining Medicare to letting the coronavirus rip through nursing homes. Now, as the coronavirus outbreak continues to hit older Nevadans hard, Trump is exploiting a public health crisis to drain funding from Social Security and leave seniors to fend for themselves. Older Americans deserve better than Trump’s out-of-touch and disastrous leadership. Now more than ever, we need leaders who will fight to protect our family members and loved ones, and that leader is Joe Biden.”

In North Carolina: 

Rep. G.K. Butterfield:  “President Trump’s Executive Order will endanger the long-term stability of the Social Security Trust Fund. The Fund was facing a revenue shortfall prior to the Pandemic and now Trump’s actions will further deplete the fund.  It is foreseeable that the Social Security Trust Fund could run out of money within ten years which would reduce retirements payments by 31%.”

In Ohio:

OH Dems: “When he was on the campaign trail, Trump claimed he wouldn’t cut Medicare and Social Security. But over the past three years, Trump has proposed and supported cutting both programs. In January, Trump suggested cutting Social Security and Medicare was ‘the easiest of all things’ — as if these programs aren’t benefits that Americans have earned over decades of work. Senate Republicans who have discussed it with the president say he calls it a ‘second-term project.’ That makes it clear what’s at stake in 2020 — if Trump wins a second term, he will slash Medicare and Social Security. The president keeps making promises to the people of Ohio. Time and time again, he keeps breaking those promises, and everyday Ohioans — like the nearly 2.4 million Ohioans who rely on Social Security — are paying the price.”

In Virginia:

VA Dems: “1.6 million Virginians, including seniors and people with disabilities, rely on Social Security. Donald Trump’s war on our nation’s most cherished earned benefit is one where everyone loses. When he said that if re-elected, he plans to cripple the revenue for Social Security, he showed that financial security for the most vulnerable Virginians is the least of his concerns. We’re already dealing with Trump’s failed pandemic leadership; putting Social Security into doubt may be even more disastrous.”

In Wisconsin: 

WI Dems: “Threatening to slash Social Security in the middle of a pandemic that has wreaked havoc on older Wisconsinites is typical of the ineffective, chaotic leadership we’ve come to expect from Donald Trump. Trump and his administration have repeatedly attacked Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, despite the fact that  these popular programs are an essential lifeline for millions across the nation. The choice between Joe Biden and Trump could not be more clear. Democrats created Social Security, and Joe Biden has shown his commitment time after time to strengthen and preserve this vital program.”