In The Battlegrounds: Democrats Slam Trump For Breaking Promise To Protect Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security

In response to Donald Trump telling CNBC he’ll look at slashing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, Democrats across the battlegrounds pounced — called him out for breaking his promise to the American people to protect these vital programs. Remember, Trump’s budget proposals also would have devastated these programs

See what they’re saying:

PENNSYLVANIA DEMOCRATS: “On the 2016 campaign trail, candidate Donald Trump promised that he wouldn’t touch vital programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Now, after signing into law a massive tax break for the wealthiest Americans and large corporations, he is breaking that promise,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesman Andres Anzola. “The President’s reversal is a slap in the face to hardworking Pennsylvanians who rely on these earned benefits. Trump only cares about serving the wealthiest and well-connected. Democrats have and will continue to fight for policies that put working families first.”

MICHIGAN DEMOCRATS: “Donald Trump has broken his promise to protect Michigan families from attacks on Social Security and Medicare, instead leading the assault against these critical programs,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesman Christian Slater. “Michigan’s working families know they can’t afford four more years of Trump’s broken promises and assaults on the programs they rely on to thrive.”

WISCONSIN DEMOCRATS: “Trump’s announcement that he’s aiming to cut Social Security and Medicare is a profoundly broken promise for Wisconsinites. He promised in 2016 to protect Social Security and Medicare, essential benefits that millions in our state paid into their entire lives so they could retire and live with dignity. But over and over he has proposed cuts in his budgets, and now he’s doubling down. These cuts threaten the health and well-being of our state and voters aren’t going to stand by for another four years of Trump’s threats and broken promises.”

FLORIDA DEMOCRATS: “Once again, Trump makes it clear that Florida voters cannot trust him when it comes to protecting their healthcare. Trump has reminded seniors exactly what is at stake if he wins a second term: your Social Security and Medicare.