In The Battlegrounds: Democrats Slam Trump’s Failing Economy Following May Jobs Report

Following the release of the May jobs report, Democrats across the battlegrounds called out the economic devastation that Donald Trump’s chaotic pandemic response has inflicted on millions of working families. Read more below:

Arizona Democrats: “Americans gaining their jobs back is vital, especially for struggling families. But this public health crisis has not subsided and people’s lives are still in danger,” said Matt Grodsky, Arizona Democratic Party spokesman, “On Trump’s watch, over 100,000 Americans have died, millions of Americans are out of work, and businesses are continuing to close across the country. This is no time for celebration. But this President is more interested in grandstanding than working to keep Americans safe.”

Colorado Democrats: “Donald Trump was handed a growing economy that had seen the longest streak of job growth in American history, and his profound incompetence and ineptitude have crashed our economy into the ground. Thanks to Donald Trump’s bungled response to a global pandemic, and his enablers like Cory Gardner, Colorado families are faced with a crumbling economy, 21 million people unemployed nationally, and no real plan from the Oval Office to fix this problem of Trump’s making. Coloradans knew Donald Trump would be the disaster he has been as President — that’s why we rejected him in 2016, and that’s why we’ll vote him out in November.”

Florida Democrats: “This crisis didn’t have to be this bad,  but Trump was asleep at the wheel when he should have been listening to experts and preparing for the coronavirus. Though we’ve heard a lot of promises, he still has not planned for and executed the rigorous national testing strategy experts warn is at the heart of effectively reopening our economy. We need a president who can lead us out of this crisis swiftly and equitably, and that’s why we’re doing everything we can to elect Vice President Joe Biden in November.”

Michigan Democrats: “Donald Trump was more interested in playing political games and praising China than preparing for COVID-19 and Michiganders are paying the price…over 21 million Americans are unemployed, including over 1.7 million Michigan workers. This unemployment report is a devastating reminder of how Donald Trump has failed, putting big corporations and the wealthy first before everyday working people. Trump’s lack of leadership and erratic behavior has tanked the economy and forced Great Depression levels of unemployment. We can’t afford four more years of this devastation.”

Nevada Democrats: “Nevada is yet again feeling the brunt of Donald Trump’s chaotic handling of the coronavirus as we top the nation with the highest unemployment rate. Donald Trump made clear from the beginning he doesn’t care about Nevada families. He blocked our small casinos from much-needed small business loans, he failed us when our front line workers needed personal protective equipment, and he threatened to withhold funding from our state because of debunked claims of voter fraud in our all-mail primary election.”

New Hampshire Democrats: “Today, Donald Trump and the NH GOP are celebrating that 21 million Americans and over 100,000 Granite Staters are unemployed and more than 100,000 Americans are dead due to Donald Trump’s chaotic and unprepared response to the coronavirus pandemic. This is not ‘joyous’ as Trump stated and it’s certainly not ‘the strongest economy we’ve ever seen’ as NHGOP alleged. Trump failed to prepare for a pandemic, and as a result, we’ve seen the worst unemployment since the Great Depression.”

North Carolina Democrats: “The devastation this pandemic has wreaked on our country has been magnified by the delayed and botched response of the Trump administration. Even as we begin to reopen our state, North Carolina’s workers and small businesses have struggled to obtain support from the federal government due to this president’s mismanagement of relief funds. Thousands of local businesses will never reopen, and the sad reality is that it didn’t need to be this bad. Now, as we face unemployment at levels not seen in most of our lifetimes, the scale of the next president’s challenge and the stakes in this election could not be more clear. North Carolinians can see that Donald Trump is not up to the task of leading us out of this crisis, and in November, I’m confident they’ll choose a new path for our country in Vice President Joe Biden.”

Pennsylvania Democrats: “Today’s jobs report is a crushing reminder of Donald Trump’s failure to lead us through the pandemic. It didn’t have to be this bad but Trump ignored the early warnings of experts, fell for China’s propaganda, and still hasn’t delivered on his promise to supply the testing needed to reopen the country fully and safely,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Spokesperson Andres Anzola. “And even though working families are struggling to make ends meet, he’s still prioritizing aid to wealthy corporations and his big business allies while going after vital protections for everyday families like the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid. Pennsylvanians can’t afford another four years of Trump — that’s why we’ll continue fighting to make sure Joe Biden is elected in November.”

Virginia Democrats: “Every day, the chaos and failure of Donald Trump’s presidency is costing Virginians our safety and our livelihoods. Instead of listening to his own advisors, Trump ignored the pandemic, allowed the virus to spread, and inflicted an unprecedented economic disaster on working families.”

Wisconsin Democrats: “After three and a half years Wisconsinites know they can’t afford four more years of Trump as president. He has proven to be nothing more than bluster and bravado. Just like his businesses, many of which have gone bankrupt, he has run Wisconsin’s and America’s economy into the ground. His callousness during some of America’s darkest days has further proven he is not fit to lead our country.”