In The Battlegrounds: Democrats Slam Trump’s Failures Throughout GOP’s Chaos Convention

Throughout the four days of the Republican National Convention, Democrats across the battleground states called out Donald Trump’s disastrous record and chaotic presidency through virtual press conferences, op-eds, local interviews, and a range of other tactics. See for yourself:

In Arizona:

Prensa Arizona: DNC anuncia su campaña publicitaria en favor del voto. “Antes de la Convención Nacional Republicana esta semana, el Comité Nacional Demócrata está lanzando anuncios digitales en español en la página de internet de Prensa Arizona para denunciar la desastrosa respuesta al coronavirus de Donald Trump, que ha dejado sin trabajo a cientos de miles de arizonenses y que ha causado 4,700 muertes en todo el estado.”

Arizona Republic: “Kristin Urquiza, who blamed Republican Gov. Doug Ducey for her father’s death from COVID-19 complications and spoke of her loss in a riveting convention speech last week, said Trump did not listen to experts or take the virus seriously early on. On Tuesday, Urquiza, who grew up in Maryvale and now lives in San Francisco, continued to hold the GOP responsible. ‘The thing that really gets me is that we still don’t have a plan to contain this virus,’ she said. ‘All he’s done is create chaos for us and he’s still claiming that the virus will just disappear.’”

AZ Family: “This week, the CDC changed its COVID-19 testing guidelines to say that some people without symptoms may not need to be tested, even if they’ve been in close contact with someone known to have the virus. Dr. Bradley Dreifuss is an emergency medicine physician who doesn’t think what the CDC did makes any sense, because reducing the number of people tested will make it harder to stop the spread. ‘Especially if we are talking about the strategy being test, trace and treat,’ said Dreifuss. ‘If we are not testing, how are we going to know whether its safe to open our universities, our cities and our economy?’”

State Senator Martín Quezada on KTVK: “What I wanted to hear was a plan from … the president about what they were going to do to address this issue and get this coronavirus under control. We did not hear that.”

Salon: Arizona GOP worried Trump and McSally will cost them the state: “Arizonans are fed up.” “[Arizona Democratic Party Chair Felecia] Rotellini said that ‘Arizonans are fed up’ with Republicans’ ‘failure to control the spread of the virus.’ Along with Trump’s widely-criticized federal response, Republican Gov. Doug Ducey has seen his approval rating plummet into the 30s after infections spiked following the state’s early reopening. ‘Arizonans know that until we get the pandemic under control, the economy can’t fully recover,’ Rotellini said. ‘Arizonans are tired of the wishful thinking with no plan of how to truly curtail the spread of this virus. They want leaders who are ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work.’”

Arizona Mirror: Jeff Jeans: I’ll be voting like my life depends on it – because it does. “The coverage I received through the ACA gave me a new lease on life — and a new perspective … Today, when I see Donald Trump trying to repeal the ACA, strip away coverage from millions of Americans, and eliminate pre-existing condition protections in the middle of a pandemic, I’m appalled — and frightened to my core.”

House Minority Leader Charlene Fernandez on Good Morning Arizona: “If we’re going to talk about children’s safety under this administration, let’s talk about the fact that our kids aren’t in school right now because of their failure and their failure of leadership to deal with the coronavirus … Let’s talk about the fact that there are women going to work without having quality child care for their children.”

Cronkite News: “Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Felecia Rotellini attributed improvements in the state’s COVID-19 response to ‘local leaders who made the tough decisions that Gov. Ducey and Trump failed to make for months.’”

In Colorado:

Aurora Sentinel: Band of irked GOP metro lawmakers are backing Biden. “A former Aurora city lawmaker joined a coterie of ex-Republicans Thursday urging conservatives to ditch President Donald Trump and instead vote for Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November … Cleland, Brackney and others described how they’d left the Republican party because of Trump’s leadership style and policies on immigration, the novel coronavirus pandemic and climate change. They said it’s critically important that voters remove Trump from the Oval Office in the Nov. 3 General Election.”

Colorado Politics: Multiple former Colorado Republican elected officials endorse Joe Biden for president. “‘I’m telling you, we cannot have a president be this inconsistent, this misunderstanding and this misleading in how we are fighting a virus,’ Brackney said in a teleconference with reporters organized by the Colorado Democratic Party. ‘That alone is worthy of saying thanks, but no thanks.’”

State Sen. Rhonda Fields on KMGH: “‘There were so many points of not factual information … it was just a fantasy, their whole projection of what they were telling the American people.’ Fields also says she takes issue with the word ‘hope’ in the Trump campaign — she says the President has only created chaos.”

State Senator Julie Gonzales on KMGH: “Democratic state Senator Julie Gonzales … told us voters are desperate for healing, unity, and solutions — and she says she has seen none of that at this Convention. ‘There literally is no Republican platform. They say we have no policy agenda, we have no ideas, we’re just going to do whatever Donald Trump says, and I think it shows.’”

Denver Cancer Survivor Laura Packard on KMGH: “Laura Packard has been fighting over health care with the Trump administration and said that and tonight’s speeches show the administration isn’t in tune with the people … ‘Over 170,000 Americans have died from this pandemic and that didn’t really seem to be a topic of conversation.’”

Colorado Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll on KMGH: “‘To me, this convention has been a tragic display of denial and delusion about the current state of America. It’s about denial about Trump’s role in the pain that America is feeling right now, and Cory Gardner’s role in putting people’s lives and livelihoods in danger.’ Carroll believes last week’s Democratic National Convention did a better job of presenting a platform for the nation to come together and said Republicans appear to have no platform.”

In Florida:

Florida Politics: DNC launches digital ads attacking Donald Trump’s ‘failed leadership.’ “The Democratic National Committee is going on the offensive as the Republican National Convention begins. The DNC announced Monday that it’s plastering the front page of the Orlando Sentinel’s website with digital ads calling out President Donald Trump’s ‘failed’ coronavirus response, which has resulted in nearly 600,000 coronavirus cases and more than 10,000 deaths statewide.”

Florida Politics: Donna Shalala, Fred Guttenberg drag Donald Trump as RNC kicks off. “A group of prominent Democrats convened on a conference call Monday to lament the Donald Trump presidency, remarks timed to counter-program the Republican National Convention kick off. U.S. Rep. Donna Shalala, who served as President Bill Clinton‘s Secretary of Health and Human Services for eight years, blasted Trump for having ‘undermined public education’ and ‘ripped children from families at the border.’”

WMFE: Florida Democratic Leaders Condemn President Trump’s Coronavirus Response Ahead of Republican National Convention. “Florida Democrats held a press conference today ahead of the Republican Convention to push back against President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response. Democratic Congresswoman Donna Shalala said Trump goes into the convention with Floridians’ blood on his hands … ‘His chaotic leadership has left our unemployment in double digits and he’s failed us with no plan to confront the virus, no plan to open our schools.’”

Florida Politico Playbook: “Democrats are planning their own ‘counter programming’ designed to try to take away media attention from the RNC by focusing on Trump’s ‘chaotic leadership and failed presidency.’ Biden’s Florida campaign and the Florida Democratic Party are planning multiple virtual press conferences running between today and Thursday.”

Sarasota Herald Tribune: Florida didn’t get the Republican convention, but state is still a focus. “Florida Democrats held a news conference Monday to highlight ‘How Trump’s chaos presidency caused a crisis for Florida’s families.’ Biden’s campaign also sent out a memo criticizing the president’s record as it relates to Florida. ‘The Trump campaign is expected to spend the week spinning fairy tales about Trump’s record, but the truth is that his time in office has been marked by chaos, crisis and a failure in leadership – and Florida has been one of the states hit hardest,’ read the memo from Biden for President Florida state director Jackie Lee.

The memo went on to note that Florida is a ‘global epicenter’ for the coronavirus and argues that ‘Trump’s failed handling of the coronavirus caused joint health and economic crises for families.’”

WMFE: Florida Democrats Call on Bipartisan Support of the HEROES Act Ahead of the Second Night of the Republican National Convention. “‘We’re looking at unemployment numbers in Orange and Polk County in the mid-teens and a staggering 20 percent in Osceola County. This is critical. A lot of these jobs are tied to tourism which is particularly hard hit by the pandemic. So this unemployment is going to be the difference between people being able to make their ends meet and facing utter disaster.’”

Florida Politics: “‘Donald Trump certainly hasn’t changed since Nuñez tweeted her criticism — he continues to sow division, lie to the American people, and traffic in hate,’ said Florida Democratic Party spokeswoman Frances Swanson. ‘While it’s clear Republican leadership has settled for chaos and incompetence, the American people don’t have to.’”

Florida Politics: Nikki Fried slams RNC speakers for describing pandemic in past tense. “Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried slammed Republican National Convention speakers for talking about the COVID-19 crisis in the past tense. ‘If you watched the RNC Convention last night, you may have thought that the COVID-19 pandemic is over. It’s not,’ Fried tweeted. She also took a swipe at Gov. Ron DeSantis, signaling that rivalry won’t let up any time soon. ‘Nearly 5,000 Floridians have died in the last month alone because of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ and Donald Trump’s disastrous policies,’ she wrote.”

WLRN: “‘President Trump has refused to grant Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans,’ said Luisana Perez-Fernandez, a Venezuelan immigrant in Miami and a Florida spokesperson for the Democrats and Biden. ‘It’s a double standard to show [Alvarez] — and of course good for him — who could pursue the American dream but unfortunately there are many in our communities right now who are not able to do so.’”

WTSP: Tampa Bay Democrats talk unemployment in RNC rebuttal. “‘They don’t want false promises,’ [St. Petersburg Mayor Rick] Kriseman said. ‘They want to have someone who actually cares who is empathetic and understands what they’re suffering through and at least provide them the opportunity to help themselves.’”

Palm Beach Post: Lois Frankel says she will work to defeat her most famous constituent, Donald Trump. “Just hours before President Trump accepts the GOP nomination for president, his congressional representative released a video vowing to help defeat him on Nov. 3. ‘Florida, we will play a very special role come November 3. Donald Trump has no shot to reelection if we beat him right here in the Sunshine State,’ said Democratic U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel in a video. Frankel’s House District 21, which she has represented since 2013, includes Trump’s private club and residence at Mar-a-Lago. In the video, Frankel slammed Trump saying he is the only one of her constituents she refuses to ‘celebrate.’ ‘Now, typically I celebrate my constituents and our community when we’re on the national stage but unfortunately, there just isn’t much to celebrate as he takes the stage tonight,’ she said in the video.”

Fox Business: Trump’s economy isn’t keeping America great: Florida Agriculture Commissioner. “At this week’s Republican National Convention, President Trump is focusing on the economy as a way to distract from his scattershot response to COVID-19. If Trump wants to talk about the economy, that’s fine — let’s start that conversation with the economy in America’s largest swing state, Florida. It’s not a conversation he’ll want to have.”

WLRN: Palm Beach County Democratic Officials Challenge President On Final Day Of Republican National Convention. “Palm Beach County Democratic officials are challenging President Trump’s policies on the final day of the Republican National Convention. Keith James is the mayor of West Palm Beach, the largest city in Palm Beach County. He says the pandemic could have been better handled if the president had not argued with COVID-19 experts in January.”

WESH: Central Florida lawmakers discuss high unemployment as presidential election nears. “‘President Trump inherited a great economy from President Obama, and because of his failed COVID-19 response, we’re now in the deepest recession since the great depression,’ U.S. Democratic Rep. Darren Soto of Kissimmee said.”

Florida Politics: Democrats accuse Donald Trump of dictatorial action while talking anti-dictator talk. “A virtual roundtable of Democratic Joe Biden supporters who have experience fleeing totalitarian states like Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam and Haiti charged Wednesday that even as President Donald Trump expresses opposition to totalitarian regimes he increasingly acts like he wants one himself.”

Florida Politics: Stephanie Murphy accuses Republicans of giving socialism a good name. “She was speaking at a virtual roundtable discussion organized by the Democratic National Committee to discuss President Donald Trump’s views on, rhetoric about, and actions toward totalitarian states like Cuba and Venezuela. The conference was set up as an alternative press opportunity to the Republican National Convention, and to promote Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.”

In Georgia:

11Alive: “But across the metro — in another district that decided to welcome students back to in-person learning — former Paulding County school nurse and mother Amy Westmoreland rebuked the secretary’s stance. ‘I really don’t think she has a right to even be here considering that she was part of the problem. She was with the agreement of opening schools,’ Westmoreland said.”

Atlanta Journal Constitution: “Georgia Democrats say President Donald Trump, Gov. Brian Kemp and other top Republicans have cost voters their lives in the coronavirus pandemic by failing to come up with an effective strategy for fighting its spread. The foundation for the failures came when state leaders refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, said Joyce Barlow, an Albany-based registered nurse and candidate for a Georgia House seat. ‘Instead of taking action, Trump and Kemp have refused to create a real plan, and they’re just extending wishful thinking,’ Barlow said.”

WSB: “[Democratic National Committee Chair Tom] Perez said their efforts aren’t just directed to win the presidential and congressional elections. He told Elliot they want to flip Georgia’s traditionally Republican state house too. ‘Georgia is definitely a battleground, and I think we have a real good chance down the ballot, not just presidential but two Senate races, the state house. Our mission is to run Democrats up and down the ballot,’ Perez said.”

In Iowa:

Times-Republican: “Hours before Reynolds’ address to the GOP faithful aired, the Iowa Democrats lambasted Trump for his one-hour stop at the Cedar Rapids airport after the storm, with no tour on the ground, and for what they consider a poor response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘During a global pandemic — as thousands of Iowans are struggling to recover from the derecho and navigate the compounding economic effects of Trump’s attacks on Social Security and unemployment benefits — Reynolds is still pushing partisan politics,’ Iowa Democratic Party Chair Mark Smith said in a statement. ‘No matter what the governor says today, she cannot paper over her failed COVID-19 response.’”

The Gazette: “Earlier Tuesday, the Iowa Democratic Party held a news conference call in advance of Reynolds’ speech. State party chairman Mark Smith and state treasurer Mike Fitzgerald criticized Reynolds and Trump for their respective work managing the pandemic. Smith alleged Reynolds and Trump failed to contain the virus, follow the advice of federal health experts and offer ‘critical resources.’”

Des Moines Register: “In a call with press before the RNC’s evening events, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Mark Smith attacked Trump and Reynolds for an ‘appalling’ response to the coronavirus pandemic. He highlighted the more than 57,000 Iowans who have tested positive for the virus and the more than 1,000 Iowans who have died from COVID-19, the disease it causes.”

In Maine:

WMTW: Maine Democrats criticize Trump administration’s response to opioid epidemic. “‘While Maine may be mobilizing to make serious progress in the fight against the opioid crisis, the Trump administration has not. In contrast, Joe Biden has a plan to end the opioid epidemic once and for all and to ensure everyone who suffers from substance abuse has access to effective treatment and recovery,” Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra said.

Bangor Daily News: Maine Lobster Union Representative: Trump’s failed trade war has drowned Maine’s lobster industry. “The year before Trump was sworn in as president, Maine’s lobster industry was flourishing. In 2016, we landed 132 million pounds of lobster worth $540 million. And New Englanders made up only a portion of the consumers in our market — the largest buyer of lobster in the U.S. is actually China. Or at least it was, before Trump took office. His trade war led China to impose a 35 percent levy on American lobster, which meant buyers in China purchased their crustaceans from Canada instead. And until just last week, the European Union had a tariff on American lobster. As a result, in the span of one year, our lobster exports to China and Europe have been cut in half, costing lobster fisherman millions of dollars.”

Associated Press: Lobster fisher’s pro-Trump speech sets off political spat. “Maine Democrats said before Joyce’s speech on Tuesday that Trump has done more to hurt the lobster fishery than aid it. Trump’s trade hostilities with China have taken a valuable market away from the U.S. lobster industry, Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra said. ‘Trump’s failed trade war with China upended Maine’s vital lobster industry and turned hardworking lobstermen and women into collateral damage,’ Marra said. ‘He promised us better trade deals, but instead he instead got played by China, and Maine workers got the bill.’”

News Center Maine: “‘Throughout the week, we’ll be highlighting Trump’s failure with Maine families, small businesses and union members, as well as threats to Maine people’s livelihoods with his attempts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and defund Social Security … We’ll also highlight how Trump’s permanent elimination of the payroll tax, if successful, would impact Maine people in towns and counties across the state.’”

WGME: Dems disagree with Maine lobsterman’s RNC statements about Trump helping fishing industry. “Maine Democrats are disagreeing with [Maine lobsterman Jason] Joyce’s statement. They’re criticizing the president and are blaming him for the lobster industry’s struggles. They said in part: ‘Trump’s reckless trade war upended Maine’s vital lobster industry and exports to China actually cratered as a result of retaliatory tariffs.’ They went on to note that China has bought less U.S. lobster in 2020 than it did during last year’s trade war.”

Undercurrent News: US presidential contest hotly divides Maine lobster industry. “Not to be outdone, however, Democratic Party leaders sounded off in Maine on Tuesday, in advance of Joyce’s speech, reminding the lobster industry of the trade war Trump started with China in 2018 that has devastated their bottom lines. ‘Mainers won’t forget who’s responsible for throwing our lobster industry into turmoil,’ Maine Democratic Party chair Kathleen Marra said in a statement.”

WCSH: “Ahead of Joyce’s appearance at the convention Tuesday night, Maine Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Marra released a statement saying despite Trump’s claims about helping Maine fishermen, ‘Mainers won’t forget who’s responsible for throwing our lobster industry into turmoil.’ ‘Trump’s failed trade war with China upended Maine’s vital lobster industry and turned hardworking lobstermen and women into collateral damage,’ Marra said.”

Portland Press-Herald: “Rep. Drew Gattine, D-Westbrook, contrasted Democratic Gov. Janet Mills’ response to the crisis to that of Trump and Mills’ predecessor, LePage. Gattine said Trump’s ‘relentless’ determination to overturn the federal Affordable Care Act, which has given thousands of low-income Mainers access to health care, was the biggest example of how a second term for Trump would be dangerous.”

NECN: “Other Maine lobster businesses disagree, and think some of the president’s trade policies and sudden political decisions have been hurtful. ‘I don’t think President Trump’s chaos is beneficial to anybody in any business,’ said Stephanie Nadeau, the owner of The Lobster Company in Arundel, Maine, which distributes lobsters to places like Japan, Singapore and China. ‘The Chinese tariff was fairly decimating,’ said Nadeau, adding, ‘we lost half our sales from what it was prior to the tariff to what it is now.’”

In Michigan:

MLive: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says first night of RNC was ‘grim’ and ‘fear inducing.’ “Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said the first night of the Republican National Convention was markedly more negative than the Democratic convention she participated in last week. Whitmer said the GOP event was ‘grim and spiteful and fear inducing’”

WPBN: Michigan Democrats Contrast Candidate Leadership. “‘The Trump administration turned its back on our state and forced governors like our governor, Gretchen Whitmer, to have to go it alone. They literally told us that we have to fend for ourselves.’”

Detroit News: “The Michigan Democratic Party couched the first night of the convention as ‘full of spin and outright lies.’ ‘The truth is this: Donald Trump’s chaotic leadership has been devastating for Michigan,’ party spokesman Christian Slater said. ‘His failures have cost countless Michiganders their jobs and their lives as this pandemic continues its relentless spread.’”

WLNS: State Democrats Discuss COVID-19 Impact On Schools. “‘We’ve got to change course here and get leadership that will actually take education seriously — from pre-K through K-12 to higher education — so we can get this pandemic under control and get our kids back to school.’”

DNC Spokesperson David Bergstein on WJBK: “What folks are not gonna hear at the RNC is the voices of ordinary Americans who are really hurting because Donald Trump hasn’t been able to follow through on his word.”

In Minnesota:

MedCityBeat: Dr. Aleta Borrud: It’s worth repeating — we still need to listen to the experts. “People are worried about whether they can send their kids to school. They’re worried about whether their small business can survive staying closed. Some businesses may never reopen, which leads to layoffs and people losing their employer-based health insurance. It didn’t have to be this bad, but Donald Trump and Mike Pence failed the test of leadership when we needed it most.”

St. Cloud Times: Joe Baratta: Trump’s ‘Land of Opportunity’ doesn’t reach St. Cloud. “When Trump and Emmer talk about the United States being the ‘Land of Opportunity’ tonight, what they really mean is Land of Opportunity for the rich and well-connected. Take the Carrier plant in Indiana. Trump boasted about saving jobs in the Hoosier State, where Vice President Mike Pence was once governor. Despite his efforts, the plant is still laying off workers and morale has bottomed out. Meanwhile, Trump’s tax cuts helped large corporations with stock buybacks while offering little for workers.”

Star Tribune: “Democrats are drumming up support for their candidates through calls, texts and digital applications rather than in-person events. Their contact with voters has increased compared to before the coronavirus, particularly in Greater Minnesota, said state DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin … The president has fallen short of many of his 2016 campaign promises, Martin said, noting that unemployment has hit record highs during the pandemic and Trump has failed to show leadership in taking on COVID-19.”

KTOE: “Democrats respond Trump didn’t acknowledge the seriousness of COVID until it took hold, then left states to fend for themselves. ‘There’s no amount of production that’s gonna be able to paper over his failures and his broken promises that he made to Minnesotans’ … [said] Minnesota D-F-L Party Chairman Ken Martin.”

KEYC: “‘I think it’s a time for our country to unite and not to keep dividing. For that reason I’m not happy with what the president is saying to the country. I think we need leaders that will draw us together,’ said Sen. Nick Frentz (DFL – North Mankato.) … ‘I didn’t like the message that President Trump brought to southern Minnesota, and I did not talk to a lot of people who thought it was the right message for this time in our state’s history,’ Frentz said.”

KBJR: “Minnesota’s DFL Party shared a statement ahead of Pence’s visit. They say Minnesotans are still dealing with what they call the Trump administration’s disastrous response to pandemic. They say Pence’s visit is a ‘publicity stunt and a distraction from the failed presidency of Donald Trump.’”

In Nebraska:

Nebraska State Education Association President Jenni Benson on KETV: “I haven’t seen a plan from the Trump administration in regards to this pandemic, and that is very concerning.”

In Nevada:

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Torres, Cancela denounce Trump’s record on Latinos. “State Sen. Yvanna Cancela, Assemblywoman Selena Torres and several community members denounced President Donald Trump’s record with Latino communities during a conference call scheduled during the first day of the Republican convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Democratic panel slams Trump over coronavirus, health care. “Local nurses and elected officials gathered online Wednesday to condemn President Donald Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and Republicans’ attempts to overturn the Affordable Care Act during a panel organized by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign. Cathy Chao, a Las Vegas intensive care nurse, said she still hasn’t fully recovered after contracting the coronavirus in May while caring for pandemic patients. Chao missed three months of work before returning to her unit three weeks ago.”

KOLO: “The Nevada Democratic Party weighed in on the start of the Republican convention. ‘Trump’s chaotic presidency has wreaked havoc on Nevadans’ lives and livelihoods — we deserve better than Trump’s broken promises. Nevada voters saw right through Trump’s empty rhetoric 4 years ago, and we’ll reject his failed record again come November.’”

KLAS: “‘In response to the first day of the RNC, Nevada Democrats joined community leaders by phone to discuss what needs to happen on Election Day. ‘It’s really important that on day one, we are ready as a country to undo the mess that Trump and his cronies have created in the White House.’”

State Senator Yvanna Cancela on KENO: “¿Como va a decir el presidente Trump que las comunidades trabajadoras están en mejor situación cuándo el le ha dado más oportunidades para ahorrar dinero a sus compañeros ricos que a los trabajadores?”

Assemblywoman Dina Neal on KCEP: “In Nevada, we’ve tried to make sure your vote does count … People need to recognize that if the right to vote wasn’t powerful, then why would people be trying to keep you from using it?”

El Sol de Nevada: “Ayer, en la primera noche de la Convención Nacional Republicana, los demócratas de Nevada prensa con líderes latinos y miembros de la comunidad para discutir cómo la caótica presidencia de Trump ha llevado a las familias latinas a la crisis.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: “Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Madison Mundy said … Trump has abandoned working people through his tax plan.”

Fox News: “‘Ignorance is the theme of this Republican convention,’ McCurdy said. ‘The struggle of families to pay rent, to buy groceries, or get medical treatment didn’t happen. The 180,000 American families mourning the loss of a loved one don’t exist. The murder of innocent Black Americans and assassination of fellow Americans who stand up to protest injustice and systemic racism are irrelevant.’”

In New Hampshire:

DNC Chair Tom Perez on Boston Public Radio: “We can’t fix the economy until we fix the pandemic, and that’s something Donald Trump has failed to understand from the outset. If you do not fix the pandemic, you cannot fix the economy. Joe Biden has a proven track record, whether it was H1N1, Ebola, he understands what needs to be done, and what needs to be done is federal leadership. Don’t attack state and local governments, work with state and local governments. Lead. Donald Trump doesn’t get that. So Joe Biden has a very aggressive plan to rebuild the economy … and we’ll get it done.”

Boston Herald: “‘Thanks to Trump’s failed and chaotic mismanagement, seniors will be left out to dry when he bankrupts Social Security, while thousands of Granite Staters risk losing their health care thanks to his constant work to repeal the Affordable Care Act,’ [New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesman Will] Rasky added. ‘New Hampshire is ready to turn the page in November by firing Donald Trump and electing Joe Biden to restore real leadership to the White House.’”

Mayor Marty Walsh on WGIR: “Quite honestly, what the country needs right now is a uniter … We are a very divided country at this point, and Donald Trump has spent the last three and a half years dividing us. Whether you agree with him or not, when you talk to any American, no one really understands where the future of our country is going. And I think that having Biden and Kamala Harris — they’re steady, they’re unifying, they’re experienced. I think that’s really important. I think it’s important also that they care about the average person. They’re not focused on dividing to win. They’re focused on uniting to win.”

Former Governor John Lynch on WKBK: “I think a significant number of Republicans are going to be very distraught and very concerned if Trump is re-elected. Now the antidote, as you referred to it Dan, I think the President of the United States has to early on, from day one, reach out to the other party and involve them in discussions, identify what the problem is, and make them a part of the solution. You can’t wait until you need them to invite them to the White House … And that’s what I think we’re going to see Joe Biden do– reach out to the other side from day one.”

Manchester Ink Link: “‘The only double standard is the one where Trump and Sununu’s donors get to do whatever they want while Granite Staters are forced to play by the rules,’ said New Hampshire Democratic Party Spokesperson Michael Beyer.”

Manchester Ink Link: Pappas criticizes ACA repeal efforts. “Pappas criticized efforts by the Trump administration to repeal the Affordable Care Act or ACA, including recent legal efforts to repeal the legislation that are expected to reach the U.S. Supreme Court this fall. Pappas added that it was additionally irresponsible to repeal the ACA without providing a clear alternative during a pandemic. ‘Healthcare should be a right and not a privilege,’ he said.

New Hampshire Union Leader: “One of the women, Michelle O’Leary of Atkinson, said the Affordable Care Act helped her son, Matty, who has a neurodegenerative disease. “That’s what we tell anyone we meet who may be on the fence. We say: ‘Vote for Matty,’” O’Leary said Wednesday. ‘Because the idea of not having the ACA and losing our health insurance, or having a limit on what the health insurance will cover is the difference between life and death for our son.’”

U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster on WKXL: “It was such a dark view of the world. For people who thought they were going to make America great, that was a really dark view of where we stand and, frankly, it’s on them … I think, frankly, it’s a blatant attempt to scare people. That’s all they’ve got to work with now, Chris. This president has so totally botched this pandemic … We need a national plan for testing and contact tracing. Luckily we did that here in New Hampshire, and we’re in a much, much better place here than the rest of the country. But he has put American lives in peril. I think history will show tens of thousands of Americans died needlessly on his watch because he didn’t have a plan.”

State Senator Kevin Cavanaugh on WMNH: “It’s an incredible amount of stress that people are going through — we want to go to work and we want to do a good job and we want to provide for our families, and when you think you’re going to bring home a deadly disease…”

Concord Monitor: Two parties, two different Americas. “Last week people were wearing masks, social distancing, and there were no audiences. This week no one is wearing a mask, social distancing is nothing but an oxymoron, and there are audiences of sycophants standing or sitting shoulder to shoulder bowing at the feet of the president.”

In North Carolina:

Charlotte Post: Mayor Vi Lyles: Housing disparities boosted by COVID-19 Systemic inequities plague nation. “Instead of protecting North Carolina’s working families, since the beginning of the pandemic, Donald Trump has rolled back the protections implemented by the Obama-Biden administration in the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation. In an attempt to appeal to his base, Trump has dangerously and falsely claimed that affordable housing would increase crime in neighborhoods.”

WTVD: ‘People are hurting in NC’: DNC Chair strikes back at Trump as Republican National Convention nears end. “‘If you think that a person with a preexisting condition should have access to health care, then you should vote Democrat,’ Tom Perez, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, tells ABC11 in an exclusive interview. ‘We’re fighting for that, while (President) Donald Trump and Republicans like (Senator) Thom Tillis are fighting to do away with your coverage.’”

News & Observer: “‘The message going into the Republican convention is Donald Trump’s presidency is the chaos presidency,’ said state Democratic Chair Wayne Goodwin. ‘And working families are paying the price with their livelihoods and their lives.’”

Charlotte Observer: “Democrats dismissed the president’s remarks. ‘Republicans promised that Trump would deliver an uplifting message to the American people, but what we just heard was more of the same,’ spokeswoman Lily Adams said in a statement. ‘The same lies. The same incoherence. And the same incompetence. As Americans suffer through a health care crisis and economic recession fueled by Trump’s chaos, he hasn’t found a new tone, he’s doubled down.’ Democrats, meanwhile, released a new TV ad in North Carolina that features images of the Spectrum Center, the original site of the RNC. ‘Welcome to the RNC — Republican National Chaos,’ it says, accusing Trump of mismanaging the pandemic response.”

WNCN: “In a conference call with reporters Monday, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez focused on Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. North Carolina’s unemployment rate increased in July to 8.5 percent from 7.6 percent in June, the state Department of Commerce reported Friday. ‘People have paid with their jobs, their savings and even their lives because Trump refused to listen to the experts,’ Perez said. ‘You won’t hear Donald Trump ask the question that Ronald Reagan once asked, ‘Are you better off now than you were four years ago?’ because for North Carolinians the answer to that question is a resounding no.’”

Hendersonville Times-News: “‘Donald Trump’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic, erratic trade wars, and shameful immigration policies have wreaked havoc on North Carolina’s farming and rural communities,’ [former Gov. Jim Hunt] said. Hunt said Biden would revitalize rural communities through ‘smart investments, health care and clean energy’ and ‘knows farmers in our state don’t want bailouts — they want a steady partner in the White House.’”

Charlotte Observer: “Caroline Husa, who runs an events business with her husband in the Triangle, said they expected business to grow 300% this year. Instead, she said, ‘We simply haven’t been able to function.’ She said they were unable to qualify for a loan under the CARES Act. She blamed the president for missteps in his response. ‘It was crucial that he recognize the threat early,’ she said. ‘He waved the virus off. He said the virus would disappear on its own.’”

Yes! Weekly: North Carolina Democratic Party Releases RNC Bingo Card. “Today, the North Carolina Democratic Party released an RNC Bingo Card, which will allow North Carolinians to note the dark and divisive message of Donald Trump and his enablers … ‘North Carolinians following along at home aren’t looking for a celebration — they’re looking for serious leadership at a time of crisis. The Republican convention is going to remind North Carolinians exactly what they don’t like about this president, and in November, voters will hold him accountable.’”

DNC Chair Tom Perez on WXII: “They don’t have a platform. They don’t stand for anything other than Donald Trump’s ego aggrandizement. On the other hand, Democrats have a plan to deal with the pandemic, a plan to bring back the economy, and bring it back better.”

WNCN: “‘We’re making sure people know how to vote by mail. We’re making sure people know how to sign up for early vote,’ said Tom Perez, [chair] of the Democratic National Committee in an interview with CBS 17.”

Anthony Foxx on WBTV: “I think one of the really stark contrasts in this debate is, can we go it alone or are we in this together? I think that is a very stark difference between these two campaigns and these two conventions. I fall strongly on the side of we have to go together. We don’t have a choice, ultimately, as a country.”

In Ohio:

Columbus Dispatch: Ohio Democrats continue to hammer Trump over Goodyear boycott. “Prominent statewide and local Democrats hosted a telephone press conference Tuesday during which they said Trump tweeting for a boycott of Goodyear products shows the president is against Ohio workers and demonstrates how he has mishandled the economy. The tweet sparked a nationwide debate. On the call were U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, state Reps. Tavia Galonski and Emilia Sykes, Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan, and Jack Hefner, head of United Steelworkers Local 2, the union that represents hourly Goodyear employees in Akron.”

Portage County Commissioner Kathleen Clyde on WSPD: “Joe Biden is part of a ticket that has won Ohio twice. I think he’s the type of candidate that can appeal broadly … Republicans, moderates, independents — I think that they are going to give Joe Biden and Kamala Harris a serious look. And, I welcome that and think that we have a lot to offer people who want to see an end to this chaotic presidency that we’ve endured for the last four years.”

Toledo Blade: “Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper said he expects a negative message from Republicans who don’t have a strong personal story to tell about Mr. Trump.”

Toledo Blade: “‘Goodyear employs 3,300 people in Akron,’ [Sen. Sherrod Brown] said. ‘In just one tweet, President Trump put their livelihoods at risk. That’s who this president is. It’s who we will see on display this week.’”

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown on WBNS: “This afternoon, I talked with Senator Sherrod Brown, who says President Trump’s remarks will have a negative impact on Goodyear’s sales, stock price, and possibly jobs. The senator also says what he heard during the first night of the RNC doesn’t bode well for Ohio families. ‘No discussion of the 680,000 unemployed workers in Ohio — the tens of millions around the country — about helping them with unemployment, about helping schools that are trying to open safely.’”

Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper on WSPD: “2019 was the worst economic year Ohio had since 2009. We lost manufacturing jobs, we lost construction jobs. Bankruptcies with farms were up … Even before the COVID crisis hit, Donald Trump’s broken promises and his failed policies had already set Ohio back.”

U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan on WSPD: “What Trump did crushed the farmers. That’s why you see a lot of Republican farmers moving to Joe Biden … Joe Biden is talking about creating an economy with really good paying jobs that are going to move the industries of the future, and I think Trump is chasing smokestacks … You’re talking about thousands and tens of thousands of jobs if we get our act together and lead the world in this, and that’s what Joe Biden wants us to do.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “Democrats have criticized Trump for both Lordstown and Goodyear over the past week, saying he has broken his promises to protect Ohio jobs. ‘Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to our communities, failed to get it done, then blamed Ohioans for his own incompetence,’ said David Pepper, Ohio Democratic Party chairman. ‘He’s never cared about working families, and a half-baked photo op can’t spin that betrayal.’”

Youngstown Business Journal: “U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, blasted Trump on Twitter for his failure to intervene when GM decided to close the GM plant. ‘Trump never cared about the Lordstown workers. Instead, he broke his promises and betrayed them,’ he said. ‘President Trump promised Ohioans, ‘If I’m elected, you won’t lose one plant.’  Then, GM closed the Lordstown plant and laid off thousands of workers — and Trump didn’t lift a FINGER to protect them.’ In March, Brown added, Trump was unaware that GM had sold the Lordstown plant, ‘after claiming he’d bring their jobs back.’”

Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper on WHBC: “It’s as if they want to run and not acknowledge that the big elephant in the room is the COVID crisis that not only hit us really hard but is still happening every day.”

Ohio House Democratic Leader Emilia Sykes on WFMJ: “It is incredibly important to get Donald Trump out of the White House. He has thrown this country into chaos. … We need to get our country in a place where people can actually live and survive here and then make sure that their economic security is taken care of.”

In Pennsylvania:

Pittsburgh City Paper: Democratic National Committee is buying all ads on The New Pittsburgh Courier homepage for four days. “Starting today, the DNC is buying all the online ads on the homepage of the New Pittsburgh Courier, Pittsburgh’s Black newspaper and one of the largest in Pennsylvania. According to a press release, the digital advertising takeover will last from today until Thursday to coincide with the length of the Republican National Convention, to remind ‘Pennsylvania voters of Trump’s failed response to the coronavirus [pandemic].’”

WHP: Democrats Unveil RNC Counter-Convention Programming. “The Biden Victory Coordinated Campaign in Pennsylvania holding a ‘weekend of action’ under the ‘Uniting America’ frame, a key message of unity underscored by Joe Biden’s nomination speech and the DNC. This upcoming week, the events will spotlight families in crisis, the economy, health care, and protests in response to systemic racism.”

Penn Live: IBEW Wireman Rob Bair: Donald Trump’s policies have hurt workers in Pennsylvania. “With Donald Trump as president, conditions for working Pennsylvanians have gotten even worse. Right now, a little under 900,000 Pennsylvanians are out of work, more than twice as many as when Trump took office. And while there’s no question that Trump’s failed leadership has led to disaster when COVID-19 hit, this isn’t just because of the pandemic; even before the coronavirus, Pennsylvania actually had fewer manufacturing jobs under Trump than it did during the Obama administration.”

Erie News Now: Some Union City Farmers Breaking the Norm and Voting for Biden. “Gourley says the store is what got people talking. ‘Four years ago he (Trump) said that trade wars were easy, but it’s been anything but that,’ he says. He says the money people are getting from the government isn’t helping him and his farm much … ‘Sue and Vince Humes are in the group of farmers voting for Biden and they are registered republicans. ‘We’re going to vote for Vice President Biden this time because that’s what is best for the country,’ Vince Humes says … ‘We gotta get back on track before there aren’t any of these farms,’ he says.”

WHTM: RNC use of White House stirs ethics concerns. “This year, for the first time ever, the White House and Rose Garden are being used for the Republican National Convention; a move Democrats don’t agree with. ‘To use the White House as a stage is totally inappropriate. In a word, it’s corrupt,’ says U.S. Sen. Bob Casey. ‘If it’s not a violation of law, it’s a violation of the spirit of the law.’”

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner on WCAU: “The Republican Party — make no mistake — does not care about gun violence, and they do not care what’s happening in our communities. If they did, they would have done things entirely differently for decades.”

In Texas:

El Paso Times: U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro: President Trump wants to turn American dream into nightmare for Latinos. “What President Donald Trump dangerously calls an immigrant ‘invasion’ — deeply disturbing white nationalist language that the El Paso shooter echoed —  countless families over the course of our nation’s history would call the pursuit of the American dream: A journey of hope, hard work and an unflagging belief in America. In that spirit, my grandmother often worked two or three jobs at a time to give her daughter and her grandchildren a better chance in life. Today, I’m sad to say that under Trump, the American dream my grandmother believed in so fiercely has turned into a living nightmare for many people, but especially for Latinos.”

Texas Signal: Texas Democrats Hammer the Republican Party Over Healthcare. “State leaders and candidates emphasized just how dangerous the Republican Party is when it comes to healthcare … Michele Beebe, an El Paso school nurse, who was featured at the DNC Convention, was also at the press conference. She spoke about the differences between the two parties when it comes to COVID-19. Watching the RNC Convention, Beebe was disturbed. ‘I didn’t see a lot of masks or social distancing.’”

Dallas Morning News: “ ‘It’s time to elect a president who provides calm and thoughtful leadership in times of crisis,’ said Gilberto Hinojosa, the state party’s chairman. It’s time to elect Joe Biden, the president who will keep our families safe.’”

Houston Chronicle: “Texas Democratic Party officials almost immediately responded by reminding the public of the toll COVID-19 has taken on the state, a point the party intends to make regularly during the final 70 days of the election. More than 11,000 Texas have died and more than 3 million people in the state remain out of work.”

Spectrum News: “Abhi Rahman, a spokesperson for the Texas Democratic Party, was quick to criticize the president’s comments today. In a statement, Rahman said, ‘More than 500,000 Texans have contracted the coronavirus. 11,500 Texans are dead from the coronavirus. More than 3 million Texans remain unemployed. Oil hit zero dollars a barrel a few months ago. All because of Donald Trump’s failed leadership. Now, Trump wants to take away Texans’ health insurance in the middle of a pandemic. No sitting President, even if their name was George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or even Ronald Reagan, is going to win Texas with a track record like that.’”

KTVT: “Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa released a statement about day one of the RNC, calling it a night of fear and fealty to president Donald Trump. He says: ‘Republicans failed to answer for Trump’s failures managing the coronavirus crisis, costing 100,000 Americans their lives, and infecting over 6 million more and leaving over 38 million unemployed.’”

Texas Tribune: “The Texas Democratic Party was ready with a retort, noting the high coronavirus toll in Texas, the pandemic’s devastating impact on the oil industry and the Trump’s administration’s drive to dismantle Obamacare.”

In Virginia:

Virginia Public Media: Virginia Democrats See Opportunity in GOP Convention. “The Biden campaign and the Democratic Party of Virginia will attempt to pivot the limelight from Trump’s daily convention appearance toward a handful of virtual roundtables, press calls and op-eds that they say highlight Trump’s failures on key issues ranging from health care to unemployment. With the election less than three months out, Biden backers like Rep. Donald McEachin (D-4th) feel good about the former vice president’s odds in Virginia.”

WDVM: Gold Star father Khizr Khan: 2016 fears of Trump presidency have come true. “Khan says what he had feared as an American immigrant has come true. ‘We had feared that our Constitution would be attacked, our democracy would be attacked, our rule of law would be attacked,’ said Khan, who raised his copy of the Constitution during his DNC speech four years ago. ‘Never before in the history of our country have we faced so many serious issues, like the attack on our free press.’”

Virginia Mercury:  Virginia Education Association President James Fedderman: Don’t rush school reopenings. “Trump’s unsafe push for schools to reopen is exactly the kind of behavior we’ve come to expect from him — a situation where he’s taken a problem of his own making and made it even worse, purely for political purposes. After all, we wouldn’t even be debating whether it was safe to attend schools in person if Donald Trump had simply done his job and come up with an even adequate COVID response. Instead, he failed to prepare for a pandemic, spending months dismissing the virus and trusting fringe hucksters touting miracle cures instead of medical experts.”

Blue Virginia: As Republican National Convention Kicks Off, Virginia Democrats Slam Trump’s Immigration Policies That Have Left Virginia’s Families In Crisis. “‘The president’s immigration policies are a crisis for Virginia’s families. Thousands of young people fear deportation, families are separated, and communities are struggling with an increase in hate crimes because of the President’s rhetoric and policies. Our Commonwealth is less safe and worse off economically because of Trump’s hateful immigration policies,’ said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox.”

Blue Virginia: Virginia Democrats Call Out Trump’s Broken Promises That Have Left the Economy In Crisis Ahead Of Day Two Of Republican National Convention. “‘Donald Trump and his campaign will try to spin the economic numbers every which way during their convention this week, but Virginians know the truth. His incompetence has caused a devastating recession that has destroyed nearly 300,000 jobs in Virginia in less than a year. At the start his presidency Trump inherited a strong economy from the Obama-Biden administration. But just like everything else he inherited, Trump squandered it,’ said DPVA Communications Director Grant Fox.”