In The Battlegrounds: DNC Chair Slams Trump’s Failing Economy

In Wisconsin & Nevada TV Hits, Perez Calls Out 19.6 Million Lost Jobs

Following the release of the May jobs report on Friday, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez joined KSNV in Las Vegas and TMJ4 in Milwaukee to discuss Trump’s cratering economy and other key issues in the battlegrounds. See a few highlights below:

KSNV: Democratic chief: Las Vegas should blame Trump for crash.

  • “‘We’ve lost 19.6 million jobs in the last three months […] So when I hear the president spiking the football and saying this is joyous, this is like being 42 points down in a football game and you get a report and now you’re 35 points down.’”

  • “Democrats are pouncing on the numbers because the economy will play huge here. The shutdown brought Nevada, and its tourist economy, the highest unemployment in the nation.”

  • “‘The original sin of this pandemic was the president’s failure to listen in December, January and February. He ignored all the warning indicators,’ Perez says.”

TMJ4: DNC Chair Tom Perez says civil rights ‘has always been the unfinished business of America’.

  • “Perez, a former Labor Secretary, says it’s not the time for the Trump administration to be spiking the football.”

  • “‘We were 42 points behind in the football game and know we’re about 35 points behind,’ said Perez. ‘African American unemployment ticked up last month.’”