In The Battlegrounds: DNC Launches Print, Radio Ads Mobilizing Black Voters

This week, the DNC launched a new print and radio ad campaign reaching Black voters across eight battleground states. The ads, which direct voters to, are running in local African American newspapers and radio stations in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Here’s what they’re saying about the ads across the country:

ABC News: ‘Our lives are on the ballot,’ DNC releases new radio and print ads targeting Black voters in battleground states. “The Democratic National Committee is trying to reach Black voters in battleground states with a new six-figure ad buy in Black publications, with less than a month left before Election Day.”

  • “The new ads reference the triple threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy and national uprising focused on civil rights. They will run in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Minnesota, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin, all critical battleground states Democrats hope to win in November.”

  • “On Black radio stations in the eight critical states, listeners will hear an ad that says, ‘We are in the midst of a global pandemic, an economic collapse and a reckoning on civil rights, we need leaders with a plan to protect and expand our access to health care, invest in our community and fight for equal justice under the law to make that happen we all have to make a plan to vote.’ And in Black papers, readers will see an ad that says, ‘Our lives are on the ballot. Make a plan to vote.’”

In Florida:

Westside Gazette: “Part of a six-figure campaign across several battleground states, ads will run starting this week in the Westside Gazette and on WHQT-FM, reaching voters across the Miami-Fort Lauderdale media market.”

In Georgia:

The Atlanta Voice: #Election2020: Democratic Party launches new round of ads. “Today, the Democratic National Committee is announcing a new print and radio ad campaign to reach Black voters in Georgia. ‘Democrats are meeting Black voters where they are and making critical investments to ensure Georgians have the information they need to make their plan to vote,’ said Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez.”

In Michigan: 

Macomb Daily: Democratic effort targets Michigan’s Black voters. “The Democratic National Committee Tuesday rolled out a new print and radio ad campaign to reach Black voters in Michigan … The ads, which were purchased through the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and Radio One, will direct individuals to — the DNC’s newly updated voter participation hub, where voters can register to vote, check their voter registration, and make a plan to vote, whether in person or by mail.”

In Minnesota: 

Star Tribune: “The DNC is launching a new radio and print campaign targeting Black voters in the state. The buy targets the Minneapolis-St. Paul media market.”

In Ohio:

Columbus Dispatch: “Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee is airing ‘I Will Vote’ 30-second radio spots aimed at Black voters in Ohio. Print ads are being placed in newspapers serving primarily the Black communities in major cities carrying the message ‘Our Lives Are On The Ballot.’”

In Pennsylvania:

Philadelphia Tribune: New DNC ad campaign aims to ensure Pa.’s Black voters have a plan to cast ballots. “Starting this week, the Democratic National Committee is upping its courtship of Pennsylvania’s Black voters, a constituency whose support could well be determinative this voting season. In a new series of radio and print ads, the DNC wants to make sure they have a plan to vote.”

In Wisconsin:

WisPolitics: “Today, the Democratic National Committee is announcing a new print and radio ad campaign to reach Black voters in Wisconsin … ads will run starting this week on WHQG-FM and in the Milwaukee Community Journal, Milwaukee Courier, and Milwaukee Times Weekly, reaching voters across the Milwaukee media market.”