In The Battlegrounds: Trump Breaks Promise to Have Mexico Pay for the Wall, Drains Funding From Military

Instead of keeping his promise to have Mexico pay for the wall, Trump did exactly the opposite – and now he’s draining funding from critical military military projects. 

Here’s what voters are reading across the battlegrounds: 

WISCONSIN: Wisconsin State Journal, HEADLINE: Truax Field to lose $8 million for border wall project

  • “Madison’s Truax Field will miss out on $8 million in allotted funds to help pay for border barriers as part of President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration.” 
  • “Meanwhile, Philip Shulman, a spokesman with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, noted that Trump, during a 2016 campaign stop in Wisconsin, pledged that a border wall would be paid for by Mexico. ‘It is an insult to those in uniform for the Commander-in-Chief to strip their funding and resources simply for his own vanity project. Keeping our country safe by ensuring the well-being of our armed forces should always come first.’”

NORTH CAROLINA: The News and Observer, HEADLINE: Fort Bragg among N.C. military bases to take $80M hit to fund Trump’s border wall

  • “North Carolina’s military bases will lose about $80 million in planned military construction, according to a list released by the Pentagon on Wednesday of projects across the United States losing funding to build President Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico.”  
  • “The affected projects in North Carolina include $40 million for a new battalion complex and ambulatory care center at Camp Lejeune, a previously canceled $32.9 million elementary school at Fort Bragg, and a $6.4 million storage facility for the new KC-46 tanker at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.” 
  • “That meant that bases hit hardest by last year’s hurricane season, including Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida were not spared. Tyndall will lose $17 million for a fire station.” 

FLORIDA: Miami Herald, HEADLINE: Trump cuts $17 million project at Florida Air Force base to pay for border wall

  • “When President Donald Trump visited Tyndall Air Force Base in May, he promised it would be rebuilt “better than ever” after Hurricane Michael caused catastrophic damage.”
  • “Four months later, the Department of Defense announced that a $17 million project to build a fire-rescue station at the base near Panama City will be put on hold to pay for portions of a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border, one of Trump’s signature campaign promises.”
  • “In addition to the Tyndall project, 10 military construction projects in Puerto Rico, totaling $402.5 million, will also be put on hold to pay for the wall, the largest number of projects cut among all U.S. states and territories.”

ARIZONA: AZ Central, HEADLINE: Fort Huachuca project delayed for Trump’s border efforts

  • “An Army construction project at Arizona’s Fort Huachuca will be delayed so President Donald Trump can redirect the money to his efforts to install new barriers along the border with Mexico.” 
  • “The $30 million project near Sierra Vista is among dozens formally scratched by the Pentagon on Wednesday to free about $3.6 billion in funds to help make good on Trump’s signature campaign promise to build a wall. The Fort Huachuca Ground Transport Equipment Building is intended to help store equipment.”
  • “At the time, McSally said the Pentagon and White House assured her any funds used for construction of Trump’s long-sought border wall would not affect four key Arizona defense projects. Any other contracts that are impacted nationally will get all their funding in the next budget that begins next month, she said then.”

COLORADO: The Denver Post, HEADLINE: Colorado space control project money going to Trump’s border wall instead, senator says

  • “The Colorado project in question is construction of a space control facility at Peterson AFB in the Colorado Springs area. According to a description on the military’s website, the $8 million was to ‘construct a space control facility utilizing conventional design and construction methods.’ The facility was to have a secure area, known as a SCIF in military parlance, that held 88 people.”
  • “If the space control facility is not built, the military wrote in its May 2017 proposal, there could be ‘operational and strategic mission impacts due to inadequate facilities.’”
  • “Trump’s decision to move military construction dollars from the nation’s bases to the southern border was initially blocked by Congress this spring. But Trump vetoed the legislation stopping the move, and Congress failed to override the veto. Within the Colorado delegation, all Democrats voted to block the president’s transfer of money and all Republicans voted to allow it.”

SOUTH CAROLINA: McClatchy: HEADLINE: Trump taking $11 million from SC military project to fund border wall

  • “South Carolina will lose nearly $11 million that had been designated for building a new fire station at a local military installation in order to help fund President Donald Trump’s border wall.”
  • “The decision to target Laurel Bay at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, announced by the Pentagon on Wednesday, contradicts the assurances from South Carolina Republican elected officials earlier this year that federal funding for military construction projects in the state were not likely to get touched.” 

VIRGINIA: The Daily Press: HEADLINE: Trump’s border wall funding plan hits military construction projects in Hampton Roads

  • “About $77 million will be diverted from four military construction projects in Hampton Roads to help pay for President Donald Trump’s border wall, Virginia’s two senators said Wednesday.”
  • “A cyber operations facility at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton will lose $10 million and face possible startup delays. Another $18.5 million will be siphoned away from a project to replace a hazardous materials warehouse at Naval Station Norfolk.”
  • Two projects in Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth also will see losses: $22.5 million for a hazardous materials warehouse and $26 million toward a Navy ship maintenance facility.