IN THE STATES: Across the Country, Dems Are Making Sure Americans Know “The ‘D’ in Democrat Stands for Delivers”

This week, the Associated Press highlighted Democrats’ ongoing efforts to remind voters who to thank for the American Rescue Plan and its success in controlling the coronavirus and getting the country back on track. As DNC Chair Jaime Harrison said, “People need to understand who actually did it. The ‘D’ in Democrat stands for delivers.” And Democrats across the country are doing just that, while making sure voters know Republicans stood in the way and tried to block their constituents from receiving the aid that is now helping so many people across the country.

Here’s a look at how the American Rescue Plan continues to deliver needed relief to communities across the country: 

Democrats and Republicans alike wrote in support of President Biden’s American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan, proposals that would create millions of jobs, rebuild our country’s infrastructure, and invest in our families and children: 

Elections in Virginia, New Hampshire, and New Jersey showed that enthusiasm for President Biden’s agenda is higher than ever, with Democrats in Virginia nearly matching historic 2017 turnout and gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe earning more votes than the 2017 Democratic nominee. Additionally, Democrat Muriel Hall won by 16 points in a competitive, high-turnout New Hampshire state house race, surpassing President Biden’s 2020 margin of victory in the district.