IN THE STATES: Americans Need President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda

This week, we saw new polling that shows that the majority of voters in critical swing states and battleground districts support President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and support corporations and the wealthiest Americans paying their fair share to make it happen. Voters from Arizona to Maine were reading about how President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda would boost their state’s economy, lower health care costs, help ensure essential workers are making a living wage, and more.

Republicans continued to get exposed this week for prolonging the pandemic by spreading misinformation and ignoring science, while President Biden and Democrats have pushed a popular, evidence-based plan to defeat the virus and rebuild our economy. 

And families continue to see the tangible results of President Biden’s middle-class tax cut. Last week, millions of parents received their third direct payment of the expanded Child Tax Credit, a program that is doing a “‘world of good’ for families at a crucial time,” as Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego said this week.