IN THE STATES: Americans Want to Build on Economic Progress with Jobs and Families Plans

Thanks to President Biden and Democrats, the American Rescue Plan has our economy back on track and the COVID-19 pandemic in retreat. And while Republicans are fighting amongst themselves and trying to obstruct progress, people across the country overwhelmingly want to move forward with the President’s Build Back Better agenda.This week, local leaders in the states emphasized the need to pass the American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan to create good-paying, union jobs that empower America to outcompete the world and succeed tomorrow.

Here’s a look at what voters in states across the country were reading this week:

Local leaders continued to highlight the once-in-a-generation investments in education, health care, and child care that would be possible with the American Families Plan. As Kathy Hoffman, superintendent of public instruction in Arizona put it, Biden’s proposal will “level the playing field and give every Arizona child the opportunity to succeed inside and outside the classroom.”

New polling reinforced the fact that voters across the country support President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda:

State parties highlighted how President Biden and Democrats are fighting to pass the American Families Plan to extend the enhanced child tax credit and permanently make it fully refundable — helping 90% of all kids in the U.S. and lifting many out of poverty.

Democratic leaders continued to talk about the American Jobs Plan and how it would create good jobs and rebuild their state’s infrastructure:

 In Michigan and Wisconsin: 

In Florida:


In North Carolina:


In Wisconsin: