IN THE STATES: As Democrats Deliver, Republicans Try to Take Credit

You’ve heard us say it before, but if it’s a day that ends in -y, you can count on Republican lawmakers taking credit for the work of President Biden and Democrats. Whether they’re touting critical pandemic relief funds or infrastructure investments going to their states, Republicans from Florida, to Iowa, to Pennsylvania continue to shamelessly claim credit for the very investments that they opposed.

Fortunately, this week, local news outlets continued to point out Republicans’ hypocrisy: 

Meanwhile, whether it’s improving broadband access, replacing bridges, or cleaning up oil and gas wells, President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is making headlines as it begins to deliver for communities across the country, which will create good-paying jobs: 

And thanks to Democrats in Congress, the American Rescue Plan is still providing relief to millions by making health insurance coverage more affordable, helping to cover heating costs for low-income families, and helping our veterans and their families. 

Lastly, across the country, folks are reading about and picking up free N95 masks at convenient locations like pharmacies and community health centers. Thanks to President Biden’s leadership, a total of 400 million masks will become available in the coming weeks.