IN THE STATES: As Democrats Take Action, GOP Take Heat on Formula Shortage

In the states this week, with Congress home for recess, Republican House members are on defense over their votes against a bill to ensure FDA has the resources they need to address the infant formula shortage and help make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Meanwhile, local headlines touted President Biden and Democrats’ decisive action to help make sure families can find and afford formula. In the past few weeks alone, President Biden launched Operation Fly Formula to speed up the import of infant formula, invoked the Defense Production Act,  helped put a plan in place to reopen Abbott Sturgis facility, and issued FDA guidance to allow major formula manufacturers to safely import formula that is not currently being produced for the U.S. market.

And the Biden-Harris administration announced more than $360 million to bolster rail infrastructure and supply chains, driving local headlines about the major investments that President Biden is making to get goods moving again and lower costs.