IN THE STATES: As GOP Works to Ban Abortion, Dems Defend Choice

In the states this week, the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade has initiated a number of  unpopular GOP-led trigger laws and abortion restrictions that are making their way through state legislatures. As Republicans move quickly to ban abortion in the states, Democrats at every level — from the statehouse to the courthouse — are fighting to defend choice. 

Earlier this week, the DNC released a digital ad that calls out Republicans’ plans to ban abortion nationally, generating local coverage nationwide. 

Meanwhile, Democrats are mobilizing across the country to stand up against abortion bans — holding Republicans accountable for their decades-long campaign to strip Americans’ of their right to choose. 

It has only been a week since Roe v. Wade was overturned and Republicans are already pushing their extreme, anti-choice agenda even further — and they aren’t holding back on how far they want to go. For MAGA Republicans, it is a race to be the most extreme as they make clear they’ll push to expand restrictions on reproductive health care.

And while MAGA Republicans continue to push their abortion bans to dangerous extremes, Democrats– from governors, to attorneys general, to local prosecutors, and more – are fighting to maintain access to care, vowing to push back against restrictions, and creating legislation to protect the right to choose.