IN THE STATES: Biden and Dems Lead on Lowering Costs

In the states this week, local news highlighted the stark contrast between President Biden and Democrats making progress on lowering costs and Republicans pushing an extreme agenda of banning abortion and raising health care costs.

Thanks to leadership from President Biden, millions of Americans from Alabama to Oregon are reading the great news that more relief is coming their way when it comes to the cost of their essential, life-saving medication. This week, Eli Lilly announced its decision to cap its insulin prices at $35 per month, a direct result of President Biden calling on drug manufacturers to lower insulin prices for everyone else after Democrats capped insulin costs for seniors on Medicare through the Inflation Reduction Act — legislation that every single Republican in Congress voted against.

Also this week, President Biden visited Virginia Beach, where he highlighted how MAGA Republicans are threatening to default on our debt unless they can force through their extreme agenda. While they are continuing to keep that agenda secret, virtually every Republican budget over the last decade has included repeal of the Affordable Care Act and deep cuts to Medicaid. 

And while President Biden and Democrats are delivering on protecting health care and lowering the cost of prescription drugs, MAGA Republicans across the country are advancing more legislation to take away a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.