IN THE STATES: Biden, Democrats Address Shortages, Cut Costs – With No Help From the GOP

In the states this week, seven of President Biden’s Operation Fly Formula flights have already touched down in the U.S., with three more on the way this weekend, carrying millions of bottles of much needed baby formula for families across the country. By Sunday, President Biden will have secured the equivalent of nearly 13 million 8-ounce bottles of formula for families who need it through Operation Fly Formula. 

Also this week, Democrats in Congress passed the Lower Food & Fuel Costs Act to help lower food and gas prices. While Democrats are laser focused on taking action to lower costs, Republicans are more concerned about pushing their extreme ultra-MAGA agenda: Nearly 200 House Republicans voted against the measure to help lower costs and help combat inflation.

Meanwhile, states saw another month of strong job creation and low unemployment, thanks in large part to Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, yielding headlines across the country touting the success of President Biden’s economic recovery in the job market.

In addition to creating jobs and lowering unemployment, Democrats’ American Rescue Plan is also helping to cut costs on everything from housing to child care, while also making critical investments in community safety and education.