IN THE STATES: Biden Highlights Economic Vision, GOP Infighting Intensifies

This week, President Biden traveled to a union training facility in Maryland, where he contrasted his vision of an economy that works for the middle class with MAGA Republicans’ plan to put the super-wealthy and corporations first. 

  • Spectrum News: As House GOP previews debt limit plan, Biden contrasts economic vision
  • NBC News: Biden fires at ‘MAGA’ GOP economic vision amid debt ceiling stalemate
  • The Hill: ‘Blueprint to devastate hard-working American families:’ White House bashes House GOP proposal

Meanwhile, in Florida, headlines highlighted the increasingly messy rivalry between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis as they race to embrace the most extreme positions to win over the MAGA base.

In Michigan, Tennessee, and Alabama, Democratic leaders pushed for commonsense gun safety measures while Republicans continued to side with the gun lobby over public safety. 

Finally, the Biden-Harris administration marked Earth Week by announcing funding for 17 technical assistance centers across the country to helpallow local communities to address environmental justice and infrastructure needs.